Tuesday Musings

Now, Othello has to have surgery. I’m glad this year is almost over. I’m not sure I could handle anymore good news.

O Snap! Dr. O.z is doing an example of a laparoscopy right now on his show. How odd is that? The very day after I find out I need one. Doo Doo Doo Doo (The twilight zone music – I don’t really know how to spell that.)

The Go.lden G.lob.es have been announced and I must say that if Ja.ne Ly.nch does not win for best supporting actress for G.lee then something is very very wrong with this world. That woman is fantastic!!!

I’m still waiting to see if I managed to squeak out a B in my stupid class. It will be by the skin of my teeth.

I’ve been to the library to load up on my books for laying by the pool. So far I have picked up Bre.ath of Sn.ow and A.shes by Gabal.don(last one to read before I get to read the new one that came out in Sept.), The Tim.e Trav.eler’s Wi.fe, Sid.darth, Sa.lt P.al.ace and Fre.akanom.ics(my cousin, a movie producer, has bought the movie rights to this book so I figure I better read it if I want to be able to discuss it over X-mas dinner). I think I have another book or two in the pile but I can’t remember them right now.

I am excited about one of my gifts. I picked out this fun computer sleeve for my laptop from Bu.ilt. How cute is it???

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Musings”

  1. You'll have to let me know what you think about the Time Travelers Wife. I saw the movie with the intention of going out to get the book right after. However, I sobbed through most of it so I decided not to. I'd be interested to hear if the book is as sad as the movie.

  2. Coco – I will let you know!

    Gov – Just to annoy you! Ok..that's not true, at least not since I saw your pic with Jane and now I don't want to get on your bad side. :-) I do it because blogger is with google and everything is linked to google search. So if I type about something popular that people will be googling tons I put periods in it so tons of people are led right here. I already bore the ten readers I have I'm sure that one sentence I right about something someone is googling would not interest them.

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