Eavesdropping on Myself – Spork anyone?

We interrupt this blog for an important announcement!  Today is free pastry day at your local *bucks.  You must print off a coupon from the website or show the coupon on a mobile device.  Enjoy! (Only until 10:30 am so drive carefully people.  No need to push and shove.)

I had a completely different post written for today but I wanted to do this instead because I’ve been in such a funk.

Called my bf.
Me:  “Do you have time tomorrow to hold my hand while I make my acupuncture appt?”(It’s her acupuncturist.)
BF: “I think so.  How can we make this thing happen?  Do I need to go with you and hold your hand?”
Me:  “Yeah.  That would be fantastic.”
BF: “So have you decided what you are going to do after you sell the house?”
Me:  “Girl. You know me but for some reason I have absolutely no plans.”
BF:  “YEAH! I am so happy!”
Seriously?  She couldn’t have been happier that I might be living in my car soon.  Well, she knows I know her door is always open.

House news: Couple #1 is coming back today for viewing #2.  Plus, we had another showing last night so we took the dogs to the dog park for the very first time.

In the car after I picked hubby up from work.
We are just driving along and suddenly he pulls a plastic fork out of his front shirt pocket.
Hubby: “Oh, I took a fork.”
Really?  I just busted out laughing.  Who carries a plastic fork around?
Me:  “Do you have anymore cutlery in there?”
Hubby: “You laugh now.  One day if we get captured by terrorists and they tie us up you will say, ‘Oh! Whatever will we do?’ and I will say, ‘Never fear.'”
Then he started making a funny noise and sawing with the fork.
Hubby: “kakakakakak  That is the sound of my spork.  The sound of freedom.”
This put in my mind a picture of my hubby.  He is wearing his international engineering outfit(suit with tennis shoes) and he is standing with his spork thrust in the air a la Bender at the end of Breakfast Club.  So sexy!  I am a lucky lucky woman.

8 thoughts on “Eavesdropping on Myself – Spork anyone?”

  1. That's hilarious. You just never know when you're gonna nead a spork!

    2nd showings are always good things! Good luck selling!! Even if it does mean living in your car for a while.

  2. Oh the spork, such an under estimated tool. Have you tried the fife? a scottish spoon and fork. and did I thank you for the vanilla latte inspiration? thank you. Fran recommended a caramel machiatto, I pass the recommendation on to you as it is excellent.

  3. Thats too cute! AHH the spork…reminds me of school cafeteria's. Your hubby gets an A for creative thinking. I would have never personally thought to get myself out of a terrorist attack with a spork!

  4. I hate to bring this up, but I'm looking at your 10 in March list and …. oh, never mind. Forget I said anything. 😉

    Martini's in ATX it is!

    Oh, and unfortunately, I read about the pastry thing too late. Boo! =(

  5. Dude… i love it!

    We are soon to put our house on the market…I'm a bit nervous!

    So glad you found me…excited to follow you!

  6. LOL! Too funny! Too be saved by a spork, I can picture it and I'm busting a gut over. Thanks for the laugh.

    ICLW #33

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