Eavesdropping on Myself

It is true that I was born blond.  I’m ok with that.

Yesterday we were talking about our workout.
Hubby:  “I think these new headphones are working out great with my ipod.”
Me: “That is great.”
Hubby:  “I just forgot to wear my sweats with pockets so I had to set it on the machine.  I tried putting it in my underwear band but that didn’t work out real well.  It kind of looks funny to be listening to wires that go to your crotch.”
Me: “I could imagine it would.”
Now at this point there is a long pause.  It is important because during this pause I have started to think of about forty other things. The next portion of the conversation is us talking about two complete different things.
Hubby: “I’m listening to this new radio station. KDICK”
I wonder if this is the new station I’ve heard the silly morning talk show on.
Me: “Really?  What kind of songs do they play?”
Hubby: “Long ones.”
Me: “Well, duh, but I might what kind of genre.”
Hubby: “Hard rock.”
Me: “Oh.  Do they have a morning show?”
Hubby: “Uh, honey? Did you hear what station I said? K-D-I-C-K”
Me: “OH!!!  Long! Hard!  I get it!”
It’s a good thing I’m pretty.  He might leave me otherwise.  On second thought if you read this post you will think he is the lucky one.

6 thoughts on “Eavesdropping on Myself”

  1. Funny how he continued with the joke and you fell back on casual conversation. You could have quipped back and said that you were just being the "straight man".

  2. Ha! Love it!

    I agree with CaJoh – you were totally just playing the 'straight man.' That's you're excuse, stick to it! 😉

  3. Well, it's always good to have a funny guy. (My husband is constantly cracking puns, to which I groan. Of course, my mom was a fan, too. So I'm a little immune to them at this point.)

    And dont' feel bad about having a "blond" moment. I was an honors student and yet I catch myself wondering stupid stuff all the time.

    My favorite example? I was lying in bed one night thinking and somehow got on the subject of maps and scale. And then I wondered to myself if they ever made a map on a one-to-one scale. Then I realized just what that would mean and felt very, very dumb.

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