Thursday Musings – IF cd2

Crush!  Well, that may be a little nicer of a word then I want to use.  Nothing starts your day off as good as blood work and a sonogram.  Although I did wear my good luck bionic socks. 

Slight issue.  I could use some good vibes sent my way.  There is a rather not-so-nice-size cyst on my right ovary.  As if I don’t have enough things against me like my age, my genetics and the position of the moon.   My left took ten minutes to find.  I like to think it was taking time off to regroup and just prepare to send out lots of eggs so we can make a baby.  Or it could be saying, “Ha! Ha! B*tch!  Try and catch me now!”  Either way it was cyst free when it was finally found somewhere near my spleen.  Yes, it hurt.

I now have to wait for the results of my second blood pregnancy test in two weeks. (Kick me while I’m down.  I love that!)  Then I have to wait for my Dr. T to decide if I can proceed with this cycle or not due to the lovely guest I’m hosting in my ovary, Cecil the cyst.  Honestly Cecil is totally cramping my style. 

Here I sit sipping *bucks and watching the Shears competition while I wait for my phone to ring.  Ring! Damn it!  I feel like a teenager again waiting for some boy to call.  Not that I ever did that.

UPDATE:  Before I could post this blog the phone rang.  Damn Cecil!!  I will cut you!  I have to wait until my next cycle.  I’m going to go cry now.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Musings – IF cd2”

  1. Yes, cut Cecil….with a big sharp pair of scissors. Cut him right out of your life. Stat.

    Sorry about the news. =(

  2. Oh sweetie no!! Damn Cecil, coudl she not just go to her own party? Let me give you a cuddle. Fran

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry that you got bad news. I was prepared to send loads of luck your way.

    I know that waiting out a month is absolutely horrible and I'm just so sorry. Lots of love your way. :(

  4. Cecil SUCKS!!!! I'm totally sending happy vibes your way and hoping Cecil rots in hell. Not fair, not fair at all!

    P.S. I miss you!

  5. Damn Cecil. Why did he have to come crash the party?

    Sending positive vibes your way that next month will be your month. :)

  6. CECIL! Dadgumit! I'm sorry. Truly. I've been there…it's so, so painful (both physically and emotionally…)



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