Thursday Musings

IF Humor?

So yesterday when I should have been cleaning I was watching the B & G show (you know the one that made people mad with the bunny picture.)  This medicine makes me so tired I can work for an hour or so and then I have to rest so I watch crap tv.  Anyway they were talking…
G:  “So AF came today.”
B: “Ok. Ok.  Ugh.”
G:  “What?  It’s not like I said period.”
I busted out laughing because early in the IF process Hubby would react the same way.  Now he can discuss most aspects of the female journey.
Me: “So AF came today.”
Hubby: “I’m sorry.  I thought that might be why you were so depressed.”
Me: “Thanks.”
Hubby: “That and you bite my head of yesterday.”
Me: “Whatever!”
Then B was trying to figure out how to work the needle to give G a shot.  It was all so funny.  I have to admit that I am enjoying this show but then again I’ve been watching the masterpiece that is Wi.feswap lately so it might be that I’m just not right.  

Have you seen this stupid commercial?  The Clea.rblue commercial.
It starts out “Did you know that 1 in 4 women can misread a traditional pregnancy test?”
Really?  So are you telling me that 1 in 4 women are stupid?  So hyped up on hormones that they can see or not see a freakin’ line?  Do I really need any more false delusional hope after a BFN?  Oh.  Maybe I’m still pregnant I’m just too stupid to be able to read this stick.  AND if the sticks are so hard to read perhaps, just perhaps, they should reconsider how they are made.  Obviously C has but I don’t like their approach to the ad. 

 Somebody has a very sick sense of humor.  I received a copy of Par.enting Magazine in my mailbox yesterday.  Who do I need to cut?

Love. Love. Love Sk.ype!  Spent more time then I should have on the computer chatting with BF in GA.  Can’t wait until we get to have tea together in real life again but Sk.ype is almost as good.  Better then nothing.

Meet with realtor today to take pics of house and finish paperwork.  Now I just have to spend the next few months pretending to be Martha and keep the house looking perfect.  I will need a long vacation after that neat trick.  Perfection is hard.

I’ve been looking a blog conferences lately.  This one for casual bloggers looks good.  Would anyone want to meet me there?  The Friday night starts with a girls night of mani’s, pedi’s and massages.  :-)

5 thoughts on “Thursday Musings”

  1. Me! Me! Me! I want to go to a blog conference!!! I need to learn how to redesign my blog. There's so much info that I need help organizing it all.

  2. So, I looked up the blogger conference. My, I think they picked the most fertile women on the planet to speak at that thing. Did you read the bio's?

    Mommy of six, mommy of four, mommy of seven, mommy of three, yada, yada, yada. Do you think it will be over-run with blogs about family and children and taking pictures of family and children?

    I'm not ruling it out completely, bc the flights are semi-cheap (considering), although I didn't see how much the conference itself costs, but maybe it's free ???

    The thing is, I have a vacation to Vegas earlier that month, so asking for more time off work is kinda nerve-wracking…hmmmm…

  3. I love that you're loving G&B. For me, they are a breath of really fresh air. THANK YOU for putting your story out there! Thank you for being real and not trying to make people think that just because you're famous, everything is perfect and easy in your life.

    I just really like them, I think they're super smart (well, him at least) and very funny. And sweet together.

    As for the commercial, I'm pretty sure they should have said "1 in 4 GIRLS can misread…" After all, that is probably how they end up on 16 and pregnant…

  4. Am I the only guy who blogs in this world? The conference sounds interesting but all of that girly foo-foo stuff is unattractive as a male blogger. Where are the dudes on the panel? Whoops…I forgot. Men don't blog. Just me. It'd be hard to have a conference for just one guy, I guess. Sounds like a good girls weekend, though. You girls should go for it.

  5. I hate that commercial. Honestly. Every time I see it I just wonder: what are they talking about? Maybe 1 in 4 women get an evaporation line with their product…funny how you don't hear them advertising THAT!

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