Thankful Thursday – Maybe not so much. Updated

Reenactment of yesterday:
In my head:  “Oh, my bleeps are being so supportive today.  Just what I truly needed.  Maybe they are right.  Maybe I should go get a test right after lunch.”
After lunch before I go spend any money I discover a house guest I can’t pack in a box and ship to Madagascar: “&%^%*&&*( piece of ^*&%*&%^&%!  Who hates me this much???” Sigh.  I don’t even have time to shed tears.
End Scene. 

Today’s Scene:
The socks are on people. 

The reason I don’t take a damn test anymore was proven once again.  As soon as I start to think I will go get a test AF shows up.  So yes yesterday turned into cd1.  I am calling dr. first thing in the morning and will have to go in and have a test anyway.  Called dr. and have the sonogram in an hour.  Please pray that the cecil the cyst has left the ovary so we can do the IUI this month.  Friday will be garage sale.   Just for fun it’s supposed to rain, too.  Yeah!
We got the apartment and will be signing the lease today.  I’m going to be busy putting the garage sale together but I try to make time each night to return all comments and attempt to check out some new ICLW blogs.  I’m trying to prove I’m superwoman after all.

Happy Earth Day!!!  One of my favorite holidays.  To celebrate the three R’s (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce) I’m
mailing off my used tennis shoes to’s recycling program(Recycle), getting rid of more papers/magazines (Recycle) and preparing for my garage sale(Reuse & Reduce).   I’m selling(at a deep, deep discount) some items to my cousin that I love(love cousin and items) but know she would greatly appreciate(Reuse & Reduce).  Are you doing anything to commemorate the day?

I’m adding a gift of Vodka(actually the recipe includes vodka I’m not actually mailing out vodka). Don’t ever say I don’t love you!!  Anyway, a friend of mine from college has written a book with lots of martini recipes and now has a blog to share some recipes.  Today she has a martini and a recipe for asparagus in honor of Earth Day.  Check her out at sips-nibbles.  

My gift to you today is this handy little website allows you to type in a url and it will basically know in some cosmic magic way what stuff to remove (like adds and four hundred comments, etc) so that you can print just what you want.  Sure you could cut and paste into some program but this seems so easy and fun.  I have not given it a whirl yet but I hope to soon.  I know that printing doesn’t seem very eco but if you have to print isn’t it better not to waste paper by only printing exactly what you want?
Also, the big O has compiled a nice list of great eco gifts (my b-day is coming up you know).  Anyway, I just love to droll over all the fabo eco products that I can only dream of one day affording.  Besides I love to browse all the slightly more affordable fabo products at Etsy.
Speaking of drolling…we all know by now how much my gypsy blood loves to travel.  One of my fav travel sites is Responsible Travel.   You can find the perfect Italian B&B that serves organic milk you obtained yourself(procured from a cow not you).  Well, maybe that is a bit far fetched.  They do showcase great places and adventures all with being eco in mind.  My list of places to visit increases every month when their enewsletter arrives.
Wow, that all just sort of popped up in my head.  Honestly the gift I gave myself this year was in the form of a break.  I’m always feeling like I’m not doing enough. I’m not eco enough.  However, as I looked at the list of things I could do to improve this year there wasn’t much left.  Mostly my next area of focus will be with food (composting, gardening, organics, etc) but for where I am in my life I do all I can.  It was a nice feeling to know that I made it. I’m not trying to be eco – I am eco(I used to be called granola and actually I think I prefer that moniker).  I have been for over 25 years(I was green before green was cool).  I can relax now and know that I do the best I can and that is good enough. 

Short and sweet today.  I’m sort of busy.  :-)  Sure wish I could just sit at home and enjoy the fun of ICLW.  Thank you all for being kind to me this month.  It helps me so much. 

8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Maybe not so much. Updated”

  1. I'm so sorry that AF showed up. It does seem like she just waits until you have *just enough* hope and then hits you in the head sometimes. ICLW.

  2. I am sorry, Junebug. Your resilience is incredible.
    You have inspired me to muse about Earth Day!
    Hope you have a profitable weekend.

  3. Drat. It really is Murphy's law, isn't it? I'm glad she showed up. And sorry she showed up. All in one.

    And, I hope that Cecil the Cyst has left the building for good, and that your appointment goes well. Good luck getting through this week – it sounds like a very, very full plate.

    I've never seen before – how neat!! Now I'm going to spend hours mooning over the possibilities:)

  4. Ok, that was so not short! That was crazy long considering the madness you are living right now!

    Hope CD1 turns into Baby1.

    May your garage sale bring you lots of moola!!


  5. I'm sorry! I'm a little behind with blog reading, thanks to the million posts that went out yesterday bc of ICLW. And I'm not even participating! Lol!

    So, I just read yesterday's and today's post now. Sorry about the bitch hobag AF.

    Here's hoping Cecil ceases and decysts for you (I crack myself up!)

    Oh, and I never heard of those brownies. Do they come stuffed with herbs? cause here, nothing would surprise me.

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