Thirsty Thursday?

Started the day having my awesome carry mug being filled with free *bucks coffee.  Oh yeah!  You know that spells the right start to any day.

I’m on cd30 which is what I’m going to blame the last half hour I spent sobbing while watching the last episode of Betty on.  Sniff.

Spent 4 hrs in the car with my two dogs yesterday.  No I am not sane.  We had to be out of the house most the day for the inspection.  We spent 1 1/2 hours at the very windy dog park.
At one point this man and wife showed up with three dogs.  When one of their dogs came running towards me.  Saphron, Othello and another dog they were playing with ran over to meet it.  I started walking that way because I like to be close when they meet new dogs in case something goes wrong.  However, I hear the guy yell at the dogs ‘Get out of here!”.  Hello! Idiot!  If you don’t want your dogs to meet other dogs – here’s an idea – don’t go to a freakin’ dog park!  My pups and their friend turned around and came running right back to me for comfort.  Jerk! 

Below:  Saphron is having an insecure moment. “Gee, I hope my a** smells ok.”
Right:  It looks like Saphron is trying to eat Othello but she is just trying to show him some love. 

Well, supposedly the inspection went well.  I’m waiting to see if they are going to try to get me to pay for something.  Good luck with that.  :-)  We have the truck at the shop and they want $1,000.   With luck I’m about to start cd1 and an IUI and they will want $1,000.  I have to move and the moving company, new rental and selling the house everybody wants some money.  I’m not sure where I’m going to find all this money.  Possibly I can work some street and get some extra cash or I’ll just have a garage sale.  We’ll see.

Back to calling moving companies and rental houses than pack some more.  Sigh.  So much fun. 

4 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday?”

  1. I hate inspections. Inspectors think that they HAVE to find something wrong with the house in order to justify their time spent. We argued with the people that bought our house over $500, all bc the jackass inspector had to find something wrong and the new owners said it would take 1000 to fix it. Well, we got an estimate for "repair" (horseshit, I tell you) and it cost 250. The new owners would not accept our estimate bc they just wanted a reduction on the price of the house and we ended up settling for $500. To top it off, when we drove past our old house last year (when we were in town) the repair had never been made (it was on the exterior of the house). Complete horseshit!

    Grrrr. Thanks for the reminder. Lol!

  2. That is exactly what I'm worried about since we've already come down $3,000. They are not getting another dime. We are at the end of our budget. :-) I'm glad I was able to help spread some joy in your day.

  3. Sigh. It's like every time you turn around there's someone asking (demanding) money. I don't blame you at all for guarding those baby bucks carefully. Good luck with the inspection.

    And I loved the photos of the doggies!! Looks like they had a good romp. (By the way, I love their names:)

  4. GL w/the inspection, the whole house selling process is just a nightmare isn't it!

    I'm w/you on the dog park too – why even bring your dogs if you're going to yell when they meet other dogs or leave them on their leashes, etc. But overall, I love taking my pups to the dog park!! :)

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