M*&^$%*& Musings

If the word Mother was part of a drinking game today I would have been totally wasted by the end of Mass.

How sad is it that at the end of Mass they ask every mother to stand for a blessing and I am the only woman over 14 NOT standing?  There is a mood booster for ya.  I don’t think it takes anything away from mother’s to say that.  Check out this article.  Thanks Adele for the link. 

I prefer not to go to Mass on this weekend for obviously reasons.  I was hoping that I could avoid it by being on the farm.  However, my lovely hubby got up early and drove 2 hours to take me to church.  Ahh…Thanks?  It didn’t help that the church was full of babies.  Ahhh..Thanks? 

So enough of that.  I had actually been doing better up until this day and I do not plan on it derailing me (much). 

So to celebrate this day in a different way I’m celebrating another IF sister, my aunt.  I took this pic yesterday of my aunt and I as we were riding around on the four wheeler.  She let go of her dream to have a child but she is now finally building her dream house.  It was fun to work beside her this weekend on her dream.  Here is to a woman who is not a mother but is still worth celebrating.  Happy IF sister day!  Yes, I just made that up – deal with it.  :-)

5 thoughts on “M*&^$%*& Musings”

  1. Absolutely lovely pic my friend. Can we delete mother's day from the calendar? What's the point anyway? Just to make non-mothers feel less worth it…
    I'm thinking of you always.

  2. Great pic! Hugs, I thought of you and a few other friends yesterday and keep you all in my prayers. I'm not giving up hope that you will be a mom.

  3. What a great photo! Four wheeling and spending that particular day with another lady who gets it sounds darned good. Sorry about Mass. Yikes. I think I might have melted like the villain at the end of Indiana Jones. I hope you're continuing to have a good time on the farm. (And I'm so glad you liked that article…it made a huge difference to my day).

  4. Beautiful picture! Glad you're having a good time at the farm – sounds very good for you!

  5. IF sister day….I like it. And I liked that article. Thank you so much for posting it. We are all beautiful and strong…GO US!!!

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