Thankful Thursday

FYI I still had a few minutes left in Thursday when I posted this.  :-)  
I just want to say that YES!  I do feel the bloggy love.  Thank you all for being so awesome!  All the comments and even some private emails were all so awesome.  I love you bleeps!!  Sorry if I worried you.  I think a part of me knows that it will get better it’s just the other side of me is holding it hostage during a fit of rage.  I am still checking out your blogs.  I just seem to be at a loss for words lately so sorry I haven’t been commenting.  I’ll get there.  I promise.   

Tomorrow I’m heading to the place that heals me the most – the farm.  I am a KS farm girl through and through.  I’m looking forward to a great weekend with three of my aunts.  My mom’s sisters are the closest thing I have to my mom and I enjoy our time together.  It helps that they are actually closer to me in age than they were my mom since she was the oldest.  Two aunts(one is a twin & the other my Godmother) live on one side of the dirt road and the other twin and her husband live on the other side of the dirt road.  Well, the one with the husband just had a new house built behind the old one so I get to spend my weekend moving her.  Is it ironic that I rush to the farm every so often where my aunts usually have a long to do list for me and yet I find it peaceful and relaxing?  A couple of years ago we built a fence.  I mean we actually used a chainsaw to cut trees as the posts and everything.  No De.pot or Lo.wes were involved.  I come from a long line of very resourceful powerful women.  We all still love to sit around and admire our fence.  The only problem is that they all smoke and I usually return home very sick for a couple days.  However, I think the sense of peace I get will out weigh the negative smoke factor. 

For Operation Kill Cecil
I have worked out a minimum of two hours every day this week.  Cecil can be really painful during my workouts especially right after any ab work.  But each day he hurts a little less so I’m hoping that works, too.  I starting the Cecil Killing Concoction (Thanks Mel. for the name.) Monday.  I will talk about it next week.  I’ve only gotten in one yoga class but I’m hoping to make it tomorrow before heading out of town.  I still need to find my heating pad so I can do the castor oil packs again.  I haven’t watched very many movies yet.(Actually I got in From to Dawn this afternoon.)  Just an old John Wayne film and an old Tyrone Powers.  Yes, it was black and white film weekend at the Junebug nest.  I like old movies because they are simple.  They don’t try to shock you or dig into deep subjects.  Plus, they usually all end nicely with the exception of the one John Wayne film where everyone dies in the end.  My mom loved JW and I have seen probably most of his work.  Hubby likes him too.  I do love westerns but my favorites are Jeremiah Johnson and Across the Great Divide(I doubt anyone out there remembers this film).  I think I will see if they are on netflix.     

Today was a better day thanks to several of my bleeps.  I don’t know what I would do without you.

3 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday”

  1. I'm so glad that you seem to be coming out of the fog a bit! Hooray for some time at the farm with family! Sounds very therapeutic (also sounds like you won't need to work out while you're there because you'll get plenty of exercise moving the family…).

    I'm glad you like the name! :) Hope the Cecil Killing Concoction is doing its job!!

  2. I'm glad you're coming up for air and especially glad that you're headed to your aunts. It sounds like a good place for some mental R and R (if not physical…but then, sometimes, being put to work does great things for taking your mind off of things, and for getting you refocused).

    My favorite JW movie is McCLintock. Not sure why. The feminist in me should object to the spanking scene, after all:)

  3. I have been MIA from the bloggy world and am just catching up on your posts. Want to offer my support and good thoughts to you.
    Thinking about you.

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