CD 70

CD 70.  Happy Birthday to me!  Hee! Hee!  Isn’t that fantastic?  I know that I haven’t followed up on my current IF status lately so I better get to it.  I said that we had decided that when the next time AF came to visit I had agreed to have a sonogram.  If the cyst was still there I would fire Hildegard and agree to see the oncologist to discuss the possibility of surgery to remove the ovary.  Since I made that decision my body has closed itself right up.  It is tighter than a ten gallon drum.  AF was put on a no fly list.  I would be more worried but I figure I don’t really want to go to the dr. anyway so I’m not going to stress. 

Today I’m going to a kinesiologist with my bf T.  Well, actually her website says “consultations on muscle response testing andiridology.  Iridology is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents believe that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient’s systemic health. She, also, employs rodding.  I don’t even know what that means and apparently neither does dr. g.  However, considering my acupuncture experience nothing could shock me. 

I try to catch up tomorrow including discussing my writer’s workshop on Saturday. 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Junebug!! Hope it's a fantastic one!

    I'm interested to hear what the kinesiologist has to say, especially what your iris has to say….

    I've also been wondering how things are going with Cecil. Can I get you to put a dr's visit on your ten list for July???

  2. Happy birthday my friend! But you know that is not healthy don't you? You have to go and get checked out pet, can't wait for AF if she doesn't show in a timely fashion. I'm not going away you know, I'll keep asking! Fran

  3. So, it's really your birthday??? Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!

    I've been wondering about that cyst of your's and what Hildegard's been up to. Big stupid loser AF. As much as I loathe the doctor, perhaps it's time to schedule a visit??? I know, not what you want to hear, especially on your b-day. :( *hugs*

  4. Cd70?!?! You are one patient woman Junebug! I would called the dr around CD 32 :)!
    Oh and happy birthday!

  5. I really want to hear how it went!

    Thinking of you and hugging you from here!


  6. Happy Birthday!! But, what visions I am having of "rodding". All sorts of ideas about what that might entail:)

    I agree with Fran, though. Honestly, time to see what the status is with Hildegard. More than anything you can see if the concoction is having an effect. I hope it is so that you can throw it in the face of the medical establishment (I just love when that happens). But while I understand that you feel zero desire to wade back into medical waters, I also want Junebug to be blogging for a good long while.

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