Throwing it out there Thursday – Update

I recently started a book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  It is great!!  I’ll talk more about it tomorrow but I just checked out her blog and wanted to share herpost about symbols of your life.  She, also, declared it Word-of-Mouth day so I’m spreading the word about her blog.

Love this!  My symbols are:

Sunflowers – I’m a Kansas girl and they instantly remind me of home and the farm.  Symbolize my roots.  They, also, symbolize foolish passion.  When is passion not a good thing?
Rabbit – Everyone in my family has an animal or collectible thing.  Mine are rabbits and unicorns.
Drama/Comedy faces – for my acting and directing
Duck – As a reminder that I need to duck when sh*t is being thrown at me.
Old fashion feather ink pen – For my love of writing and classic literature.
Suitcase – Two reasons 1. My love of traveling 2.  Bundling up my baggage and telling it to hit the road.
Bamboo – It bends easily but is harder to break.  I need to bend to life easier.
Phoenix – Because life is about constantly picking myself back up and starting over again.  I can continue to find a better me.

I’m working on catching up on my blog but I started watching my cousin’s kid so I’m spending today between the library and the pool.  After we get up from watching cartoons.  :-)

Bonus Eavesdropping:
Took kid(age 9) to University with me then Pan.era for Hot Cocoa and cookies then library for some books.
Me: “Don’t tell your mom that I spoiled you today.”
Kid: “Don’t you worry!  I won’t!  She might not let me do it again.”

Hee! Hee!  Of course, his mom and I did so many crazy things growing up that she seriously won’t care.  Besides you get what you pay for and she ain’t paying me.  Honestly how lucky am I that he wants to hang on the patio reading with me for awhile before we go to the pool?

5 thoughts on “Throwing it out there Thursday – Update”

  1. Both the library and pool sound like fun. It's raining here today. And yesterday. And the day before yesterday. And tmr too. Bummer! At least I hope it's nice for the 4th.

    I used to collect raccoons when I was little. Yes. Raccoons. That was before I knew they were mean. I thought they were cute little buggers. My lack of common sense was apparent even as a child. Lol!

    Maybe if Jenifer were to send me some flip-flops as a sign of good faith, I might help her to break out. Cause you know that's how she got my email addy. ;P

  2. Kids can take up a lot of time, that's for sure. My wife and I don't have our granddaughter here often, but when she is here it is pretty much a full time job even though theoretically my wife is the one taking care of her. Sure is a blessing that I wouldn't want to miss out on though…

    Tossing It Out

  3. I think I'm gonna do this….the symbol thing…I like the idea. I loved reading yours….made me think. I like knowing more about you, and as always enjoy your "eavesdrops". Happy 4th.

  4. I love your symbols list and have decided to come up with one of my own. What a great word-of-mouth treasure to share!

  5. It's been awhile since I stopped by, and I must say I love your knew layout.

    That is one smart 9 year old.

    My head is muzzy w/ migraine meds so I won't even attempt to figure out symbols and meanings. I have collected wolves for years.

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