Sunday Social

These were my favorite posts this week:

Aimee at Artsville is starting a fun new weekly venture called “list it tuesday”.   I love lists.  I’m always making lists.  I already have my list ready for this week.  :-)

Waiting For Our Miracle had a great post for anyone going through infertility.  Or maybe even better for someone who hasn’t.  It gives a great twist on the perspective. 

Oh Goodie Designs made some pumpkin brownies.  I would gnaw my right arm off for some right now.  That sounds a bit drastic but it is Halloween. 

Write Brained shared some awesome pumpkin carvings.  Next year I am so going to attempt some fancy designs since I will have a nice long porch to show them off on. 

Tip Junkie has a list of homemade gifts in a jar.  Possibly the perfect way for me to worm the way into the hearts of my soon to be new neighbors so they don’t get mad when I put the pinto up on blocks in the front yard. 

Calmly Chaotic showed me the boots that will be on my wish list for x-mas this year.  Yum! 

In the controversial corner this week:

Momma Made It Look Easy took on the horrible article about the fat show.  I do NOT want to give the magazine anymore publicity but feel free to hop over to Momma and check out what she has to say.  On one hand I find the original article distasteful because we have no problems showing people with anorexia in every tv show so I don’t see the problem with some fluffy people having a show.  I say this as a fluffy person.  I will, also, admit that while I don’t like to hear it – part of my weight problem is me.  I do not have control over genetics or PCOS but I do have control over the emotional aspect that can keep me in check.  So while I don’t like hearing it I have to admit, though it is more difficult for me than lots of other people, I can do a better job at managing my weight.  I just don’t like to hear it from a stick figure with an attitude.  

The Saga of the Concrete Jungle is a blog I follow of a gentleman in prison.  His sister posts his blogs for him.  I like to experience his point of view and I especially enjoyed his post this week.  

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  1. I may have to check out the blog the sister writes for her brother. So many good leads of new material to try and keep up with! Thanks for sharing them!!!

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