TV Tuesday

Ok – Here is what I thought of most of the new shows.  What did you think?  Did you pick up some new favorites?

Hawaii Five-O- I really liked it.  I think I mostly like it because I grew up watching the original with my mom.  We, also, watch Kojak and Magnum and for some reason this show has the feel of all those old favorites from my childhood.  I’m really enjoying it.
Lonestar – I was not going to watch this one but my arm got twisted. I liked it better than I thought I would.  The music is good as is the cast.  I’m still not sold on it but it may be more my current “I’m too overloaded” attitude than the show. Winner of 1st show canceled. 
The Event – I am intrigued.  I will continue for a few more episodes.  It is a great cast and the mystery was enough to keep me involved.  The problem I had was that it kept changing time and places so much that I was a bit confused. After 3 episodes I’m still pretty confused but loving Jason Ritter.
Mike & Molly – It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the best.  I like the cast, however, I’m not so sure that the script is good enough.   I hope it improves.
Chase – The first episode was basically the promo I saw so there were no surprises.   I enjoy but it is still not a must see every week.
Current show talk
DWTS – Wow what a mess.  I was so glad to see the Hoff go away.  Can you say uncomfortable?
No Ordinary Family – I thought it was alright.  I will watch a few more to see where it goes now that we have got started. 
Detroit 1-8-7:Didn’t watch it.  The promo did not even attract me. 
Raising Hope:  Loved it. Did not disappoint!  
Running Wilde: Ugh!  Did not care for it at all.  I really wanted to but it just didn’t happen.
Current show talk
Glee – Love Beist!!!  Tears!

Better with you: I said I would try it.  Not completely against it but not completely for it.  Ambivalent.
The Defenders:  Didn’t watch it.  I couldn’t make it past its promo but I did watch it’s second episode and it was ok.  
Undercovers: I do like this show.  There isn’t really anything new about the premise.  The lead couple are cute and I have a thing for Gerald McRaney so I’ll probably watch some more.
The Whole Truth:  As much as I like the leads I’m not crazy about this show.  It was too annoying in its pacing. 
L&O: Los Angeles:I thought it was good.  It is the same old formula in a new place but it still works.

*%%&* My Dad says: Watched second episode and I just didn’t care for it.  I thought the script was kind of weak.  
Outsourced: Again basically the promo I saw so I can’t really judge it yet.  One more try.  I like it but don’t love it.
My Generation:  Bored out of my mind.  I wanted to shut it off after 20 minutes.  None of the people appealed to me.  I want to change my choice for first show canceled to this one. It was 2nd canceled. 

Secret Millionaire – 10-22
Body of Proof – 10-22
Blue Bloods:  Liked it.  I didn’t want to but I did.  I really didn’t want to add another show but honestly this was my third favorite new show.  
The Outlaw – It didn’t appeal to me.  Contrite?  3rd show was canceled. 

This year’s predictions seem a ton harder!  I’m not positive on my choices this time.  
Breakout show:  My heart is torn between several but I make the rules so I’m picking two.
Raising Hope and Hawaii Five-O
Both of these shows are proving to be totally winners!! 

For first one canceled:
Chase or Detroit 1-8-7

And the winner was Lonestar.  1st casualty of the season!  I didn’t get it right this season.  Oh well!  My Generation was the second canceled show followed by Outlaw.  Although Detroit wasn’t doing much better.  Chase is actually doing well.  I must say it looks like The Whole Truth, Undercovers and The Good Guys (which I happen to love!) will all be canceled soon. 

Show I’m most looking forward to:
Raising Hope – Totally loved!  Love it more every episode.

3 thoughts on “TV Tuesday”

  1. I have to agree with you on The Event. That whole time and place changing bit – a little too much. But I'll continue to watch.

    Disagree with you on Raising Hope. I'm finding it hard to stomach. Watched the first two 'sodes. And that is all.

    Bleep my Dad Says: Can't stand it. Z likes it. *eyeroll*

    Glee. Puffy heart. 😀

  2. There were a few new shows I wanted to watch, but I never got to catch them. I want to see Outsorced, but there are two other shows I watch at that time so I have to resort to hulu.

  3. Which facebook games did you/are you playing? I was reading the Vampire Academy series. It's kinda like Twilight, but not as good.

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