Weekword – AMUSE!

I am hosting weekword this week!  Yeah!  I chose amuse!  I think we could all use some fun.  What do you find amusing?  How do you amuse others?  Whose art is amusing to you?  Why do people want to amuse others?  Do you put something amusing into your art?   Does your art amuse you? 

You may be asking yourself, “Self, What is Weekword?”  If you answer yourself correctly, I’m very scared and slightly intrigued.  Weekword is a great event where once a week a blogger(this week me – wink) picks a word for everyone to ruminate on.  This is how it plays out…

1.  Go for it!  Tell me in the comments you want in.

2.  Prepare your post.  We are looking for your interpretation of the word.  It could be a short story, painting, poem, interpretive dance (vlog), photographs, alchemy, sewing project, sand art, macrame, cross stitch, knitting, tattoo, tin hole punch, candle making, quilting, wax casting, basket weaving, cartoon, a diorama, bonsai tree sculpture, drawing, balloon twisting, face painting, haiku, flower arrangement, origami, paper mache, stained glass, macaroni jewelry, etc.  Tap into that inner artist who lives inside around your gluteus maximus and smells of patchouli.  You know ya’all have one!!!   We want to see that person.

3.  On Friday, I will publish my post and include all the participants.

4.  Go around viewing all the artistic efforts of your fellow bloggers.  I would do it sans coffee so you don’t spit coffee all over your monitor.  These are some awesome folks.

5.  Feel so inspired that you tell me right now you want to be the host next week.  

We have dwindled down to a few strong but mighty folks.  Let’s work on this!  Please drop by former participants that you still read and comment with and let them know I am the hostess with the mostess this week, we miss them and they should join back in.  Otherwise I will be organizing a road trip to do a decorative fork art installation in someone’s lawn and they are going to be very confused on why someone forked their yard.

PS  I am having a giveaway this week.  Keep returning for the big announcement or just follow/RSS feed me so you don’t have to sit at the computer for the next few days.

9 thoughts on “Weekword – AMUSE!”

  1. LMAO at that first photo! That's awesome on a stick.

    Can I RSVP tentatively? I want to do Weekword but it's shaping up to be a CRAZY week. I will try!

  2. What do you find amusing?
    My father!

    How do you amuse others?
    Practical Jokes.

    Whose art is amusing to you?
    Not sure? Maybe MOOG from the blog Mental Poo.

    Why do people want to amuse others?
    Because laughter is essential.

    Do you put something amusing into your art?
    I hope so!

    Does your art amuse you?

  3. I (think I) want in. Looks like fun. I'm just hoping that I am worthy of such a word as AMUSE. So see you Friday!


  4. i hope to be back… thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a word (or two of encouragement).

  5. At the risk of having my lawn forked, I'll rejoin for this week. Friday is expected to be a snow day (forecast = 8 to 12 inches) so I should have time to do something fun, as the rest of my day will be cancelled. My amusing post will be up by noon, as long as the power doesn't go out!

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