B is for Balderdash!!! A to Z Challenge

I love a good game of Balderdash!  Oddly my hubby, who I can’t stand to play Scrabble with because he is too slow, is very good at this game.  So for the first time in my blog’s history, my hubby helped me out with a post.

Haven’t played Balderdash before?  What are you still into Candy Land and Sorry?  Balderdash is a sophisticated game of word play.  Ok.  Honestly, it is just a game where the best bullshitter wins.  A card is drawn and a word is read.  All the players make up their own definitions then all the definitions are read along with the real one.  Everyone guesses which one is the real definition.  If someone guesses your made up definition you get a point.  That is how the real game is played.  Today is just for fun.  We picked a couple of words and made up some definitions.  You get to pick what you think is the real answer.  Later I will update with the answers.  Or, since there are no prizes beyond glory, you can add your own definition or two in the comments if you feel inspired.  Let’s have some fun.  Oh and keep the google out of it please.  You are on scouts honor to just guess.  

1.  An invention proposed by Lillian Winslow, the British time-motion efficiency researcher.  The device was the culmination of the seminal 1962 Winslow-Taylor “A Study of Time And Motion In A Mixed Gender Work-Place Or Why Men Are Dreadful, Dreadful Pigs”.  The bumclock consisted of a large easily readable clock placed near or on the hind portion of a female office worker.  Along with the bummemo and the rather unwieldy bumplanographicprinter, the bumclock was devised by Lillian to ” allow the [men] access to their office tools without having to abstain from one bloody second of their insipid ogling.”

2.  A beetle resembling the June bug.  

3.  A rotary gear of a ratcheting type that allows the barsell-rig to be lowered and raised on a bi-trggaran type sailing ship.  “If you be eyen’ my rum, I be seein’ how far this bumclock can be loward’ down your riggans” – From Roselyn Lee Steven’s “Treasure Archipelago Or Why Pigs Make Dreadful, Dreadful Men” about her six month survival on a remote island with nothing but 7 farm animals, a copy of Treasure Island, and a packet of moist towelettes.

4.  A windup clock passed out to the homeless by a charity organization. 

1.  A popular wrinkle reducing cream in China, called 到, that sold very poorly in English speaking countries when the name was translated to baggywrinkle.

2.  An American nineteenth century pejorative used to describe the marks and creases left by stage coaches on women’s clothing. From Meredith Coxley’s letter to her sister provided in “A Gentle Woman’s Travels In The American Territories” “Oh Pipsy dearest, the good men of the Concord line do try so.  First with the pillows, then with the tightly bound antelope skin (mind the horns they say!), and lastly with the smoldering-hot slab of furnace heated iron.  Yet everything I must sit upon in that carriage produces these blasted baggywrinkles.  However my bum is rather warm now, which is duckie”.

3. The fourth qualitative state or property of boson particles.  Along with “snoggleflap”, “snerdjaggle”, and the lesser known “pppphhhhhhhtwhoopie”, baggywrinkle deals with the theoretical antisymmetric spin states of the boson particle.  From Andrew Pickning’s submission to “Particle Physics In Review”, “So I said, ‘Oh wow man, this totally baggywrinkle phenomenon I’m seeing’ and Harry said, ‘Yeah, I get it man’ so I said ‘No, I mean like Wow man’, and he said, ‘Dude I totally get it’,  so I said, ‘No, really WOW man’, so Harry…”

4.  A frayed rope on a ship.

I hope this post didn’t Boggle your mind.  Feeling inspired?  Make up some fun definitions for these words…

Bostruchyzer – A whisker comb
Bertholetia – Tall South American tree with nuts as big as a man’s head.
Bibliolator – A person who worships books.
Baldersnatch – A mythical monster so ugly, it defies description.
Bufagin -Substance obtained from the skin of toads.

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UPDATE:  Spoiler Alert the answers:
Bumclock – #2 Great Job Noemi
Baggywrinkle – #4  Hubby is feeling quite duckie about fooling everyone!
Glad everyone enjoyed the fun! 

12 thoughts on “B is for Balderdash!!! A to Z Challenge”

  1. My mind is a little boggled, I am already thinking of C!;)

    I would like to play scrabble with someone.

  2. I will refrain from making up a definition to Baldersnatch. Ah . . AND bufagin!

    I am writing a novel using the word verification words. They become character names, place names, foods etc.

  3. I love this game!! We used to play it at Christmas and other family reunions!
    The first word Bumclock. I hope the right one is not the first option for I found it hilarious. I will say number two.
    The second word Baggywrinkle. I would also say number two, but it could be number one?

    This was fun! Let's play some other time.

  4. You make my day! how funny you are! We play Balderdash! it's hilarious – unless you are a Virgo (which my husband is – through & through)… he doesn't like Apples to Apples, either. Have you played that game?
    Anyway, I think #1 is the answer to the first word. And #2 is the answer to the second word.
    Baldersnatch – oohhh, that conjures pictures of ??? well, I won't go there.

  5. Beautiful website, very whimsical and gorgeous. Don't know how people make up such original blogs. Well I am enjoying the A-Z and reading all the responses but I confess I have heard that Knock Knock Joke Before so I will give you a new joke that both my kids hate. What do you get when you run over a bird with a lawn mower?
    Shredder tweet!!!

  6. I love Balderdash! Did you know that there is a Beyond Balderdash game? It works the same way, but besides words it also includes initials, dates, movies and people to make stuff up about! It's so fun to play with a group of friends :)

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