C is for Cause – A to Z Challange

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I got to thinking about Causes.  Most people have a Cause.  It is something that touches a core part of our being and impels us to act.  I think there is a huge difference between Casual Cause and Convicted Cause.

A Casual Cause is a Cause most people say, “Yeah, I agree,” but they don’t actually do anything about.  For example, most people feel that underwear should be worn on the inside of your pants and not the outside.  However, I’m not about to wrestle some guy to the ground and rip his underwear off because he is wearing them on top of his pants.   Besides he may actually believe he is Superman.

A Convicted Cause is a Cause that compels you to action.  It crawls inside your skin and says, “I’m doing this with your body.  Relax and enjoy the ride.”  It is not about sending a check(as helpful as that is), or retweeting a link, or “liking” on facebook. or sending good vibes in the general direction of the poor person you avoid on the street.  The Cause moves your body to action.   I thought about my friends and I could name a few Causes off the top of my head with which they were connected.  They hadn’t sent me a link or wore some button.  I knew because of their actions.  Where they physically put in their time.  So I sent off an email asking them about it because I figured they were too busy to promote it themselves. Here are two I got back.  I sent the email last minute so I’m not mad at the ones who didn’t respond. 

I started with myself because I believe in practicing what I preach.

What is your Cause?  I’m an uber-conservationist.   I used to say environmentalist but the term has been hi-jacked to mean so many other things I don’t believe so I changed.

Why is this Cause important to you?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  I was raised this way.  Farm folk by nature tend to be conservationists.  I just can’t stand to see anything go to waste.  I remember an old man once said to me, “I am sorry.  I want to apologize for my generation.  We believed what we were doing would improve the world but now I’m not so sure.”  He was talking about technology and advanced weapons.  He was from WWII.   I see his point and it sits in the back of my mind.  I don’t want to regret my actions and there effects on future generations.  The burden he carried was too heavy.

How do you participate?  I recycle just about everything.  I reduced the amount of stuff I buy to include less packaging, etc.  I reuse items or pass them on via freecycle or Craig’s.  Basically I over think every item I discard from my house or bring in.  I need to know there is a home for it besides the local landfill if at all possible.  It makes the few things I do have to trash a little easier to part with.   I don’t bang people over the head with my Cause.  I’m glad to inform when asked, help when needed and live by example.  I participate in local collection days.  I believe in the family farmer (as extinct as that is becoming).  While I don’t hunt and don’t really eat much meat, I don’t hate on those who do it wisely.  Not for fun but for food or to keep certain predatory populations down and protect livestock.  I’m a realist about what is possible for nature and man to live in harmony. 

Where does a person find out more about your Cause?  Google, books, local organizations, etc. 

Here is my first friend:

What is your Cause?  Scott County Humane Society   

Why is this Cause important to you?  To reduce the pet population

How do you participate?  I work weekly with the 4 paws clinic, a low cost spay neuter clinic, in my county.  They collect dogs and cats from the county animal shelter and find foster homes for them.  I do not at the moment foster because I already have 3 dogs and 2 cats of my own but would like to some day.  The Clinic helps everyone in the county and surrounding counties to help get their pets spayed and neutered.  Once a week we do feral cats…that is what is commonly known as barn cats or strays that have ended up at someone’s farm or neighborhood.  They are usually wild but often they really like people.  I help with the pre-op and post-op part of the surgery.  Just like humans they need help when they wake up from the drugs.  Knowing that they think ‘someone cares’ is how I feel about it.  

Where does a person find information about this Cause? SC4Paws.org on the internet  If anyone is interested in adopting a pet they can go to Petfinder.com …we are listed there as well

Who are you?  A “Strange” friend…ha ha 

Another friend said…
What is your cause? Breast Cancer awareness.

How do you participate? When October hits and the stores are full of pink things, I purchase pink. I evangelize when appropriate about getting a MaMo at the age of 40. AND detecting cancer early is the key for a cure. Self breast exams are important. I found my own lump. Its easy to remember…just do it on your birthday each month. My birthday is Jan 26. So every month on the 26th I do my self exam. …or try..;).

Now I see why the Cause is important to her but I, also, know she has a Convicted Cause in the Special Olympics.  I know she is too modest to talk about it but she puts in time not just helping at the events but leading up to events she and her husband are coaches for some of the athletes.  I love her even more knowing she would rather use this time to promote the Cause that saved her life and could save others than to even mention the Cause where she devotes so much of her time throughout the year. 

What about you?  Do you have a Casual Cause?  What is your Convicted Cause?  Do you see the difference?

7 thoughts on “C is for Cause – A to Z Challange”

  1. If we all do our bit, I believe it would make a difference. You are right, the trick is to think about how we are bringing into the house before thinking how much to bring it out.

  2. What a thought provoking post Junebug. The Desiderata says "that many people strive for high ideals and the world is full of heroism!" How many great people there are which go unremarked as all they want to do is serve quietly.

  3. A thought-provoking post. After reading it I know I don't have a convicted cause but I do my bit to help others with theirs. At least I hope I do.

    Ellie Garratt

  4. Causes are a great C-words and good thoughts about it. I amy post something about my causes.

    Thanks for letting me know about where the weekword was–I seem to be really bad at keeping track of where it is.

  5. Good for you! I have my causes as well. But with all the earthquakes lately, I've been supporting a lot of different causes.

  6. Do you have a Casual Cause?
    I'm not sure. But, I'm with you on the underwear issue!

    What is your Convicted Cause?
    Alzheimer's Disease.

    Why is this Cause important to you?
    My grandmother passed away from it. And watching her suffer was almost too much to handle.

    How do you participate?
    I give donations for researching to find a cure.

    Where does a person find out more about your Cause? Google and local organizations.

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