D’take on 10 on Tuesday

I’m doing my usual 10 on Tuesday with The Chronicles of Marla but in honor of the A to Z challenge I am using 10 D words to describe each one. 

1.  Deadline – Two days left to sign up for my Blogger Blog Design Giveaway here.

2.  Distress – I have five people arriving in two days.  My first company since moving so I’m completely unprepared.  I’ve tossed photos up on the walls, washed the bedding and tried to shove the unpacked boxes into neat piles in the spare rooms.  I don’t want my company afraid of falling boxes.  I still need to scrub the floors, walls, carpets, counters and husband.  In addition, I just booked three more friends for next month.  Savannah has made me very popular.

3.  Distraction – I’m always distracted by the tags on other people’s clothes.  How they peek out at me and mock me knowing I’m too chicken to tell the person about this runaway tag.  

4.  Decorating – I have been decorating.  Since we have moved three times in the two years, I haven’t really taken the time to actually decorate.  I love hanging up my art and pictures. 

5. Disturb – I’m disturbed by people who wait until they are told their total in the grocery store line before they dig in their purse for their checkbook.  Really?  Didn’t know you would have to pay?  Check doesn’t write itself.  I’m most disturbed by the amount of rage with which I could shove her checkbook up her….Oh never mind.  You get the point.

6. Delightful – I am delighted that in a few weeks I will be sitting in the park at the amphitheater listening to Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band.  How awesome is that? 

7. Date- Last Friday, Hubby and I did another adventure.  We headed out to Tybee Island for some seafood and then went hiking at Fort Pulaski.  It was extremely windy but we had a nice leisurely afternoon of walking for several miles.  

8. Debt – Last week I paid off another one of our credit cards.  We are getting so close to debt free.  One more year!  

9. Despise – I despised yesterday.  My grandma’s drawing fell seconds after hanging it shattering glass everywhere, I kept dropping things, I discovered I had the wrong size of blinds for the guest room which we bought too long ago to return, then my dog kicked me in the face knocking off my glasses and slightly getting his nail in my eye ball.  When I finally went to bed with a massive headache hoping it would just end I realized I didn’t think I had paid my credit card that was due that day so I rushed to the computer only to discover that the bill I thought I had paid off in #8 I actually paid the pay off amount to this other card.  So I made a payment on the card that was now not paid off and went to bed to weep. 

10.  Done – As in this list is done!   Back to another decorating debacle day. 

17 thoughts on “D’take on 10 on Tuesday”

  1. Love the title! Cracked me up! I feel like I must be in D'Troit.

    So, I love Gary Sinise, but never heard of the band, so I'm wondering if you were making a joke and it went over my head ??? I mean, yes, Lt Dan –> I get it. Cuz life is like a box of chocolates. But does Gary have a band? Please help. Lol!

    Your rage is #5 is appropriate. Don't be disturbed by it one bit.

    I love to decorate, too. But I'm wondering if your guests will wait to pull out their checkbooks until you tell them the final bill for their stay at departure. Seriously, you should charge people. I mean, it is a vacation destination. (Maybe you should run a B&B) ;p

  2. Junebug, you life sounds frenetic as it is without your friends. Just take care of yourself, tell the dogs, "paws off the eyes" and have a good rest so that you have a great time with your friends, they are coming to see you…..

  3. I'd not only be disturbed by someone pulling out their checkbook inappropriately late, but also by anyone pulling out a checkbook at all.

    I believe I'd take it as a sign that checks are becoming obsolete when the cashier hands it BACK to me after she's entered all the information so it can be automatically deducted from my account. Time to move on to debit cards people!

  4. So many great D-words! :o) Thanks for sharing and sorry you had such a dumb day yesterday.

    Have a great one today!

  5. Cheque book? As an English woman I've never seen anyone here attempt to pay in that way, thanks goodness of that. It must take ages. :0)

  6. #3 I tried doing that once and the lady thought I was trying to hit her. Pfft.

    #5 LOL Yes! Could't have written it better.

    Holla to being debt free!!

  7. Distraction: I buy clothes with the tag info stamped into the garment or cut them out.

    Debt: I feel as though my student loans will never go away. I'm getting closer to saving enough money to pay another one off!

    Great list. Good luck with the challenge!

  8. Great take on D challenge (lol see what I did there? haha) erm, cough… The date sounded great :)

  9. I'm visiting for the A to Z challenge. I enjoyed this! I'm going to come back and visit often!

  10. #6 is in fact uber awesome!!! Have fun with your company and remember they are visiting YOU not your house :-)

  11. What a beautiful blog you have here! I was especially taken by your writing and could relate with number 9. Sigh. Don't you hate those kind of days? But congratulations to you on getting through it and paying off those nasty credit cards.

  12. 1. God luck to those in the giveaway contest

    2. FIVE PEOPLE? That would stress ANYONE out!

    3. I get distracted by the little things too.

    4. Oh, I LOVE decorating. Especially when it's all done!\

    5. That drives me NUTS. Seriously. Write your check at home BEFORE you get in line at the store, then all you have to do i s add the amount. Sheesh!

    6. YAY! Very awesome!

    7. What a great adventure for you and the hubby. Minus the wind!

    8. Good for you. I hope to finish paying off some credit cards too.

    9. I hate when gravity works against me. Hope your headache went away.

    10. Yay! You!

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