Variety in 10 on Tuesday

My post on The Chronicles of Marla 10 on Tuesday blog hop.

My first three are TV related.  Pretty clever if I do say so myself.  Since it is V day I don’t have to be modest and can be Vain.

1.  Victims – Has one of our favorite shows been a victim this year?  Here are some of the shows that will not be returning to TV next season:  The Cape, Entourage(summer ’11 is last), Friday Night Lights, The Good Guys, Last Comic Standing, Law & Order: CI, The Paul Reiser Show (lasted 2 episodes), Persons Unknown, Running Wilde (Thank goodness!), Skating with the Stars(no surprise), Undercovers, The Whole Truth(no surprise to me), Chase are just among a few of the victims.

2. Vindicated – These shows have been renewed among others:  Castle, Community, Cougar Town, Glee, Fringe, HIMYM, The Middle, NCIS, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope, Grey’s, TBBT and Modern Family.

3. Vulnerable-  The shows whose fates still have not been decided include: Chuck, Better With You, Body of Proof, Brothers and Sisters, CSI: NY, The Event, Human Target, Law & Order: LA, Mr. Sunshine, No Ordinary Family, Off The Map, Outsourced, V.

4. Vital – It is vital to have some good soaps.  I won a wonderful bar of soap from Happy Goat Soap a few weeks ago at Tribal Blogs Slumber party.  Love it!

5.  Voracious – Hubby gave me some jelly bellys for Easter.  Yes, I did eat them voraciously.  I love them.

6.  Vegetables – I love veggies especially peas, corn, asparagus, carrots, celery, rhubarb, zucchini and more. I still am not crazy about broccoli and cauliflower.

7.  Voyagers – The 1982 TV show starring Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce.  It was about time traveling and fixing things so they go along expected.  It was my first time traveling show and I loved it even though it only ran for 20 episodes.   Why I remember so vividly a show from when I was 10 is beyond my knowledge.

8.  Variety – I hope you enjoyed the variety of posts I’ve written in the past month.  This challenge has been great for me.  Although I am kind of looking forward to getting back to my usual programing.

9.  Void – My mind is in a small void right now.  It is out of self preservation.  I never write anything on my blog that I wouldn’t say to a person to their face.  Therefore I am just savoring in my own juices out of annoyance towards some people right now.  I find it vile when people say one thing and then do something entirely different with no regards to any effort someone else has produced.  Ugh!

10.  Victorious – I have made it to the final week of A to Z!!!

12 thoughts on “Variety in 10 on Tuesday”

  1. Pssst- Law & Order: CI comes back – all new – May 20th on USA.

    Also, I love Modern Family.
    I think it's one of the best shows on television!

    You've done an awesome job getting to the final week of A-Z!
    *standing ovation*

  2. Well Junebug, the only surprise is that you are surprised that you are reaching the end of this cycle. I have thorughly enjoyed your A – Z journey (so far……:))

  3. Voyagers!!! YES! I remember that show too! Didn't the main actor have a terrible accident? I don't know why I remember this show either but I know I loved it.

  4. Paul Reiser had a show?!? Get out! Sorry I missed those two episodes. Perhaps if they advertised it more, it might have done better ???

    Hey, I just noticed you have reply buttons on your comments. Do help a blog designer out and tell me how you added those images. (I'm sure I could figure it out by myself, but it's much easier this way ;p)

  5. I don't care for 'outsourced' – I don't like the premise and it's not that funny.
    I do like your variety of posts =)
    happy v day!

  6. Yesss! Looks like none of the shows I watched got the axe (yet)!

    I also love me some jelly bellys. I got a bag of belly flops for Easter, thanks for reminding me I need to tear into that sucker tonight!

  7. No.10 is fantastic. Victory!You have a lovely blog.

    I am a new follower stopping by from the A-Z challenge.

    Murugi A Njehia
    Her World

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