Waltons! What? What?

Why Junebug why?  I know what you are thinking.  How ridiculous to even like the Waltons!  I don’t care.  I love the Waltons.  My bf hates that I love them.  If she calls and I’m watching she starts moaning and groaning as if I told her I just ran over her cat.  It shouldn’t be a favorite after all the therapy I’ve been through trying to sort out why my family wasn’t as perfect as the Walton clan.  Dutifully I’ve sacrificed hours the past few weeks catching up on some episodes just for this post.  Since I’m not currently not seeing a therapist I’m combining the wisdom of several of the episodes with my own personal interpretation.
The Thoroughbred – Granpa advised John Boy about to race Blue the mule,  “You like to do things the hard way.  There is nothing a mule likes better than to do it the hard way.”
My family would definitely agree that I am a mule.  One of my uncles once told me, “Junebug, you are really good at pretending you know exactly what you are doing even if you don’t have a clue.”  True.  I come from a long line of stubborn Irish mules especially the women.  We do want we want, when we want, how we want.
In Matchmaker – Ike when comtemplating not getting married:  “I’ve never told anyone this before but I don’t sleep in pajamas.”
I would imagine that particular trait would be helpful in the marriage bed.  This doesn’t relate to my family.  I just found it funny.

The Runaway – This episode had a few good gems.  Grandpa said, “The best thing I know for Elizabeth’s cough is a little honey and whisky.”
People are worried about the drinking age.  I can’t remember the day I took my first drink.  It wasn’t a big deal with my family.  
John Boy said to Jim Bob while waiting for their parents, “You can have anything you want as long as it doesn’t exceed 25cents including tip.”  They got one scoop of ice cream and John Boy had a cup of tea.
I wish I could get a scoop of ice cream and a cup of tea for less than 25 cents.  Hell, I would settle for a gallon of gas being less than $3.75.  
John Boy was supposed to go to a lecture of a famous author but due to Jim Bob running away he missed it, however, while eating with Jim Bob they met the author who praised John Boy and bought their meal.  Sometimes our plans change but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to happen.
Is it a little corny?  Well, duh, but aren’t the simplest lessons in life a bit corny?  It is a good reminder to slow down and be a tad less freaked out about everything tiny thing that goes wrong.  The wrong could be a right.
The Abdication:  Grandma when hearing John Boy has an offer to go to New York:  “He wouldn’t be safe up there!  Not one minute!  With all the sinnin’ and traffic.”
When I made the decision to go to the big city of Wichita, KS for college, my grandma took it in a funny way.  Every morning that I came out to have my morning cup of coffee and read the paper, my grandma would have already gone through the paper and cut out all the stories about murders, drug busts, robberies, etc.  Any debaucheries would be laid out before me.  
Grandma:  “Do you know they have a place called crack alley?”
Me:  “Yes, maam.”
Grandma:  “It is right by the University.”
Me:  “I know grammy.”
This went on for months until I left for college.  I still had to call her every week to let her know I had not fallen victim to crack alley.  For years after she died, I would go to pick up the phone only to remember she wouldn’t answer.  I miss her dearly.  
A few more of my favorite quotes from this weekend:
John Boy:  “A house is more than paint and walls, ceilings and floors.  A house is a history of all those people it has sheltered and when we move away we leave behind us the persons we were then.  The prints of our fingers on a doorframe. The marks on the floor we walked. The whisper of our voices and all those things that were done and said.”
Grandpa:  “No sense railing away and complaining about things that are past. …  The heart it is a wonderous thing.  Everything else about us seems to get aged.  Body complains.  Mind rebels if you let it.  but in your heart you can see things the way they always were.  Earth is the right place for love.  Oh gentle place it is, the heart.”
Elizabeth: “Calico, kittens are alright but just try for one rabbit, too, please.”
Grandma:  “Do you know how fast you are going?”
Olivia: “20 MPH.”
Grandma:  “There is no reason to drive like a speed manic.”

6 thoughts on “Waltons! What? What?”

  1. I love The Walton's. Always have and always will. I have the first two seasons on dvd, but the dang dvd player is so hard to figure out that I don't even try when I'm by myself. Got a little cheap dvd player for the tv in my office, hooked it up and discovered that I can't reach the outlet which is behind my very heavy desk. But now that I've read your post, I must figure the dvd player out or figure out how to squeeze myself into a small space to plug the one in that's in my office. I must! You've given me the Walton's bug!

  2. So would you find me cheesy if I said: Goodnight June Bug, and you had to reply: Good night Sandra…we could do this and go through every member of our families!…yes, I watched the Waltons too, a very very long time ago.

  3. I always watched The Waltons. This really takes me back to a more innocent time — not only the era the Waltons is set in, but the years when it first aired. I would have loved to have been a Walton.

    And your grandmother sounds like a real hoot. She would have been a great character on the show.

  4. I also loved the Waltons. John Boy had such a soothing voice. The characters were fun. My parents could sit and watch with me.
    Good night, John Boy.
    Good night, Junebug.

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