This weekend on our long walk we brainstormed all the words we could think of for this week’s letters.  X was very lean on prospects.  Have you ever noticed the amount of words that sound like they start with X but start with e?  I haven’t counted them but I think there are probably as many if not more ex words than x words.  So what to pick for x.  The pressure is enough to send one for xanax where they can drift off to Xanadu and forget they ever started this challenge.

Now that I live near the ocean I could talk about xebec a special three-masted sailing ship used in the Mediterranean but I live in Savannah not Greece which limits my knowledge about xebecs to nil.

I could discuss xenophobia the fear or hatred towards foreigners, foreign countries, etc.  But I don’t have that problem and I would just sound like I had got out a soapbox.

I barely passed chemistry.  I have no knowledge to impart about the gas xenon beyond what I put on my cheat sheets.  Yes, I cheated in Chemistry.  I’m pretty sure the statue of limitations has passed on this offence.  We really do have to take a ton of classes which have nothing to do with what I will be doing for the rest of my life.  

I did learn in my research xerography is a process to copy documents.  Xerox is the patented process for copying documents, and the name of a corporation.  The xerox should never be used as a synonym for photocopying a document.  So every office I have ever worked in made this egregious error.  Can you xerox this for me?  Shhh, they are listening.  Would the forces sent out to enforce this rule be called XMen?  I can see a spoof combining Men In Black and X-men.  So for future reference, you are either making copies or practicing xerography.

The one word I have used the most in crossword puzzles is xylem, the tubes within the stems of woody plants.  However, the crossword world is xeric(dry/desert like) of a vast amount of xs.

Which leads me to xylophone.  One of the instruments in the world I say anyone with hands and/or feet can play. I can’t think of a single song or band in which it plays a starring role.  I’ve seen the triangle and maracas but not xylophone.  Why?  What is the reason for this discrepancy?  I’ve seen it in almost every daycare and nursery.  Does that take away its street cred?  Whatcha’ think?

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  1. My head is sore trying to take in all this information that you have mentioned that you don´t know…. I think it is about to X- Plode, sorry it is the best I could do….

  2. X-tremely creative. Wow! I could use a Xanax after the day I had – x-cessive BS. Instead, I would have preferred a game of tic, tac, toe.

  3. John, the X-plode made me laugh :) As for cheating, I cheated in Science class in 7th grade (my penance I think is now being a scientist), got caught by leaving the notes on the desk in pencil. The next day the teacher said he would give an F and expel the perpetrator if they did not come forward right then in front of the whole class, and while I wished the kid next to me who I know cheated in just about every class would give in while I sweated bullets, I eventually got up and blubbered my way to the front of the class, cringing and ready to dissolve into a puddle of utter shame. This teacher btw was no joke, 6'9" and was the scariest looking man ever-think Andre the Giant-and was named Mr. Darling. He kept me after class, asked me if I was ever EVER going to cheat again, and then let me go after I almost peed my pants. Years later in another city, I met his niece in one of my classes, and Mr. Darling remembered me and had passed the story on to other students who may have considered cheating. Needless to say I have never cheated again on anything for fear he'd come out of the woodworks and KNOW! :)

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