Breaking News! Rescue Attempt!

In case you haven’t heard – Bacon has been meatnapped by Tribal Blogs.  They are holding him hostage until the right amount of money towards their conference.  Bacon’s cousins, the sausages, decided to attempt a rescue. 

All the cousins gathered to board a plane to Minnesota.  Then Billy started to argue with Lola about their luggage.  
Billy wanted to bring rope to tie up the kidnappers, handcuffs to further bind them, a knife for protection and the things that secure the sheet corners down because he hates when they creep up.  
Lola wanted to bring a picture of her puppy, a hair band to hold back her hair while she kicks butt and her GoGirl so she can potty wherever she wants.  While they were arguing….
Frankie was beheaded and Simon dismembered.  Billy comforted Lola and they boarded the plane.  Will they save the bacon?  Will Lola be able to bring home the bacon? 

What can you do? 
A.  Contribute to the ransom fund at Kickstart.  Bonus gifts come with every level of donation.  Awesome gifts like memberships to Tribal Blogs
B.  Get your own ticket to the Tribal Blogs conference in June.  Besides this awesome agenda, you will get to meet me.  I’m currently working on my Gaga/Royal Wedding hat for the cocktail party.  It is sure to be something.
C.  Sponsor the conference, sponsor me or just send good vibes in our general direction. 

FYI – Sausage is not that easy to cut into stick figures.  I thought you would want to know in case you ever tried it yourself.  The handcuffs were borrowed…err…found…umm…never mind…they are mine.  Think what you will.  :-) 

6 thoughts on “Breaking News! Rescue Attempt!”

  1. What a yummy post. And I look forward to seeing the hat…..

    As for the handcuffs, well………….

  2. Hahahaha! Love this storyline, and the pictures are awesome! (And don't worry, I won't judge you for the handcuffs. I have them in pink :-) )

  3. i'm so glad this came back up!
    i was commenting wen we lost blogger…

    i love it! that is sgo awesome!

  4. you are hilarious! I can't believe you could think of all this…BTW – my daughter's dog is Lola… hope your "funk" disappeared? I've been off working too much!

  5. Hi Junebug

    I already commented when this post first came out but it was during troubled times in cyberspace,

    and of course it is worth commenting twice ´cause it is so good and tasty…………

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