How not to attend a Twitter Party

When I started researching moving to WordPress I found this Twitter party all about the subject over at Blogelina.  This is basically how it has gone.

Last Thursday:
I found twitter party announcement.  First, I followed @Blogelina and @SharonHujik.  I quickly signed up and put a reminder on my phone.  When I put the reminder on my phone I realized that I had a chiro appointment at the same time.  Made note to move chiro appointment.  See how rapidly my mind went from one task to another carrying me swiftly away from the actual task of signing up for said party?

Monday before Twitter party.
I had a chiro appointment at 9:30 am so I changed it to later in the day believing the twitter party was at 9 am.    Mission accomplished.  Feeling pretty good about myself.  I almost always forget about this things.  I’m so going to get it right this time.

Thursday of Twitter party.
8am – Realize I don’t remember what the Twitter party is about or who it is through.  Start searching.  Searching Twitter party will bring up about as much crap as googling porn.

8:20 – Remember I followed someone for the party.  I go through my recent follows and @Blogelina pops my memory so I hop over to their blog.

8:21 – Discover that like a complete idiot I actually signed up for the party with just my name and not my Twitter handle.  Sigh.  I’m so used to doing blogging hops and such I am completely new to this twitter party thing.  I re-register with my twitter handle.  After which I realize I might disqualify myself for prizes because I signed up twice.  Shit!

8:23 – Attempt to figure out Tweet Grid and Tweet Chat.  See others have tweeted a RSVP to the party.  Try through Tweet Grid and get an error.  Try through Tweet Chat and get an error.  Go to Twitter and tweet RSVP.

8:35 – Hop into the shower.  I know that I don’t need to shower and dress for a Twitter party but I have to rush to the chiro after and I don’t like to sit in my birthday suit in front of my computer.  I’m pretty sure there is some way that people can turn my camera remotely and view me.  I watch too much TV. #paranoid I shower, shave and put the Moroccan oil in my hair.  (Moroccan oil is the most awesome stuff if you have problems with dry or frizzy hair!)  See how my mind hops around like water droplets in a hot skillet.

8:48 – Finish drying off, throw on a nightgown and lotion legs.

8:50 – Refill coffee mug.

8:51 – Check my twitter messages.  Marla has said she wants to go to party but has class at that time of night.  What?  I rush over to Blogelina and discover the party is at 9 PM not AM.  F*CK!!!  Yeah, I said the actual word.  I couldn’t believe I had been jumping through hoops for nothing.

9:00 – Write a blog post on how not to attend a twitter party while watching the end to American Idol.  Totally disappointed that Jennifer didn’t go for the Spidey kiss.  Go back to Blogelina and ask in comment to remove one of my sign ups.  My fingers are crossed that I don’t look too much like an idiot.  I’m afraid that ship sailed a long time ago.

You can still sign up for the twitter party on how to move from Blogger to WordPress at 9PM tonight.  Wait! What time zone is that in?  Damn it!  I swear I’m going to miss this thing yet.

11 thoughts on “How not to attend a Twitter Party”

  1. First of all, at least you were able to write a post about this. I am currently stuck in my other blogger profile. (WTF!) Aka, the one that I prefer to not leave comments with. Sigh. Anyhoo, I can't write the post I've been trying to write for 2 days now. Ugh!

    Secondly, I am crying tears as I'm reading this. And btw, I have no idea how to send out that rsvp tweet like you did (but I am signed up). So, you're one step ahead of me there.

  2. yeah, i sooo want to tweet.
    thanks for giving me a picture of how easy & fun it is!
    let us know how the party goes =)

  3. Ahahahah! This is too freaking funny!

    Too bad you canceled your appointment with the chiro! But, at least your freshly showered!

  4. Hi, Junebug! I'm not ready to make the WordPress leap, but I would like to follow you on Twitter. Either my mouse is broken or your link is (to the right of the RSS and email icons).

    Please either follow me @sidMILB and I'll follow ya back, or let me know when your link is linky again. Or send me a new mouse. 😉

  5. You know what? Even with all your flubs, I'm still so impressed…I'm a total Twidiot!

  6. Hehehe. I know I shouldn't laugh (I do this type of thing all the time) but you are so funny. Maybe you should do your own twitter party to avoid all the problems? I'm game!

    Ellie Garratt

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