Eavesdropping on Myself

I saw these vultures on the road sauntering away from  what used to be an armadillo.  It made me wonder if vultures had conversations.

Jane Vulture:  “Honey, where do you want to eat tonight?  Is there something special you are in the mood for?”

John Vulture:  “I don’t know.  My sister, Jenny, facebooked earlier that the family was going to be enjoying a deer out on interstate 45.”

Jane:  “I’m not really in a deer mood.  Plus, the interstate is always so crowded and loud.  I was hoping for something a little more romantic.”

John:  “Jimmy just tweeted about a cow out on old windmill road.”

Jane:  “I don’t know.  I guess that would be ok.”

John:  “Wait.  Ian just texted me about a pair of squirrels on Table Top Road.  He says if I fight off Frankie we could have the other squirrel.”

Jane:  “Oh, that is perfect.  I love it when you go all predatory.  Get me that squirrel and you just might get lucky later tonight.”

John:  “Challenge accepted.  Let’s go!”

That is how the conversation played out in my head.  It would mean the vultures would have a smart phone  or something.  I’m not sure where they would carry it.  Now, I’m imagining a vulture flying around with a fanny pack to hold his smart phone.  I’m just not right.