10 on Tuesday

1.  Welcome to 10 on Tuesday!  It is a linky party.  Most people write 10 items that just came to them or happened to them during the week or you make a 10 list about places to go, people you did, your neighbor’s annoying habits or anything you want.  Join in.

2.  My neighbor is going for a record in the world’s tallest weed competition.

Note:  He must have given up because he mowed it down this weekend.  Hubby freaked out on me.  Did he see you?  I can’t believe you took a picture!

3.  I won a Don’t Speak Whinese! t-shirt from Don’t Speak Whinese.  So exciting!

4.  Any lawn experts out there?  I have some patches in my backyard that look like this..

What the hell is that?  In my mind there are two options.  1.  It is an example that I have black gold in my backyard and will soon it will come bubbling up and I will be headed to Beverly Hills to get myself a cement pond.  2.  It is a creature from outer space that will inhabit my mind and eat me from the inside until it pops out of my belly button leaving behind my empty corpse.  Not even the Dr. will be able to save me.

5.  I am calling to set up our Home Study this week.  Ugh!  What a horrible process!  Anyone else want to pay $1,500 to have every crevice of your life examined with a pair tweezers and spotlight?  No?  Chickens!  My bff assures me I will forget all this crap when I’m holding my baby.  If she is wrong I will have one less bff.

6.  I’m still working the ProBlogger program.  Thank you to everyone who voted on my blog name.  The winner is….none of the above.  I know it seems like I asked your opinion and then kicked you in the teeth.  In reality Just Junebug was not available on Twitter.  I want to be able to change and have all the fb, twitter and url.  So I have decided to go with ?????!  I’ll let you know soon.  Promise.

7.  I’m not sure exactly what the builders are trying to say.   I think it was supposed to be No Household Trash Hauled.  Of course, their native language is not English.  I’m not stereotyping.  I can hear the conversations and music that seep through my walls.  Plus, when I wave as I go out to get the mail, they say, “Hola”.  In the end, I’ve decided it was language and space.  There was not enough room for household so they went with house.  Can people be blamed if they put a house in the trash?  

8.  I’ve started the Couch to 5k program on my iphone.  It is pretty cool.  I was a bit disturbed though.  You can play your own music and a woman will pop in and say, “Walk now” or “Run now”.  The first time she said, “Run Now” I got this jolt of andreniline.   Oh shit!  I got to run.  I did find it very funny while I was listening to Cee Lo’s F— You that she broke in “Run Now”.  I guess she didn’t get the hint.

9.  I can’t believe I have allowed myself to get pulled into the darn crapfest that is The Bachelorette.  My favorite quote this week was when a guy was talking about having some thoughts in his head, “It is all up in here.  I guess I need to go poop it out.”  Classy dude!  You’re single?  I can’t believe someone hasn’t snapped your hot mess up.

10.  As I’m working my way through my mom’s clippings in the recipe cabinet I found this little gem.  It is not a recipe but from a magazine that was in there.  Anyone want a living wall to separate some rooms?  Here is your solution.  Don’t say I never helped you!

Share what your 10.