Weekword – Balance

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This week Elena of My Quest picked the weekword Balance.  My mind has been a mess lately.  Last weekend we were at the store and I picked up a bottle of Shout then we went into the next aisle.  As we were standing there I realized that Shout was not in fact the carpet cleaner I thought I was picking up but a laundry spot cleaner instead.  I retraced my tracks to return it.  Then I noticed another bottle and picked it up.  After I returned to where I left my hubby, I discovered that I had picked up another bottle of Shout(in a different color).  Ugh!  I trudged back over to put it back.  When I rejoined my hubby he was just staring at me.  I had been going back and forth between the two aisles and mumbling about carpet cleaner while continually picking up laundry cleaner.

Hubby:  “Are you ok?”
Me:  “No, I’m not.”
Hubby: “Obviously.”
Me:  “Why am I so stupid?  How can I think spot cleaner is the same as carpet cleaner two times in a row.”
Hubby:  “You need to take time to think.”
(He is treading on water at this point.  I decide to keep my mouth shut for a moment instead of decapitating him with my bare hands in the middle of Wally World.)
Hubby:  “Every day you need to sit for a little while and think about things.  You never take time to just think.”
Me:  “Can I have paper beside me so I can write things down as I’m thinking?”
Hubby:  “No!  Just think.”
Me:  “But I will forget what I thought about before I’m done thinking!  How will that help?”
Hubby:  (sigh)  “You can think for 5 minutes.  Write for 2.  Think some more.  Ok?”
Me:  “I’ll think about it.”

This morning when I let the dogs out I noticed the porch was so deliciously chilly with just a hint of warmth.  I grabbed my coffee and notebook and settled in with a blanket to just think.  I can’t tell you what I thought about because mostly I sat there thinking, “Ok.  What do you think about when you are supposed to be thinking?”  I was trying to categorize my thoughts into good thinking thoughts and those not worth thinking about.  Finally I just stared at our fence not really thinking at all until I noticed the way the light hit the fence.

I was reminded of how someone once drew a long line and put a little vertical slash in one spot along the line.  “The line is your life and this slash is just one particular moment in your life.  Is it really that significant when looking at the whole life line?”
If whatever you are going through is just a teeny tiny glitch in a long line, how can you not put that into perspective?  Why do we occasionally highlight only one point in our life and focus on it when there is a long line of other events?  Why would we think winning a medal at our 3rd grade track day was the only highlight and since then it has all been crap?  Why is it so difficult to balance the dark with the light?  As I was thinking all these questions, I noticed the fence again.

Aha!  The fence was bathed in light and the shadows were slowly creeping away to the bottom corners.  If we could only balance the dark in our lives with the light, we would discover the light will win.  Eventually we will remember more than our 3rd grade medal.  We will remember the 5th grade spelling bee, our first dance with a boy, the 49’ers beating the Broncos, graduating from High School, the way your mom would smell when she hugged you and how clean the whole world looks after a brief rain in the summer.  I know what you are thinking “Great Junebug!  Those are excellent points but how the hell do I find balance and light?”  I have no idea.  I’m going to have to think about it and get back to you.  But if I were to take a guess I would say to simply wait.  Maybe we don’t have to find the balance.  Life is already balanced.  We just have to be patient enough to recognize this simple fact and wait for the light.  As the famous proverb goes “This too shall pass”.

Is there a place you go to find balance?  Have you discovered other truths while just thinking?