Spelling Bee Humor

Once a year I indulge my love of word play humor.  Not your average word play humor but the kind of high brow humor you would imagine they enjoy in the halls of Oxford.  They have been working on the humor at the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  It is odd I love the Bee since in 6th grade I spelled enough on a test as enuf.  That still drives me to boutade. (short bursts of anger)

A few of my favorite words used in a sentence:

I have had it with these most forsaken thanatophidia on this most forsaken plain.
Thanatophidia – venomous snakes
While this one wasn’t necessarily humorous but I hate snakes.

John Pierre’s mother explained that he didn’t qualify as euryphagous simply because he ate regular and cool ranch doritios.
Euryphagous – eating various kinds of foods

Halfway through their DC tour the group begin suspecting their cicerone was an impostor when he described Jefferson memorial as a monument to George and Wheezy Jefferson.
Cicerone – A guide who conducts sightessers to places or objects of interest.

Among Bradly’s attempts at capilliculture Rogaine, Propesia and spreading chia seeds all over his head.
Capilliculture – treatment to cure or prevent baldness

Why don’t you give it a shot?  Here are two great words I think can be made into humorous sentences.

exsufflation – blowing out of air

ephelides – freckles