10 on Tuesday

1.  Yesterday I got up at 4:30 to go workout, promptly fell over my dog, landed with all my weight on my left knee, cried and caterwauled for about an hour and drowned my sorrow in some ibuprofen.  Yeah, I’m looking forward to this week.  It can only go up from here right?

2.  My dog’s name is Othello.  Do you think he is finally living up to his namesake and attempting to murder the one he loves?

3.  We are working on our family profile book for the adoption.  Anyone have advice?  I’m really not loving this project as much as I was hoping I would.  It is all just a reminder of what I will never have (the usual right of passages into motherhood) and the hoops of fire I am forced to endure.  Sigh.  Best sites for profile views?  Best formats?

4.  Remember a few weeks ago I showed you the construction dumpster on the building site beside our home.  Well, this is what I found last week.  I’m wondering if there was something thrown in the dumpster that caused the fall out and if so this is really scary.  What would erode the dumpster?  Is it in the ground now?  I’m actually kind of scared of this thing now.  Perhaps a grammar nazi took their anger out on the dumpster.

Week 1 
Week 2

5.    I’m kind of dull because I have been working hard behind the scenes on moving to WordPress.  I’ve, also, been writing about it in a post aptly titled “The Ass Backwards way of moving from Blogger to WordPress”.  Yeah – it is going that well.  

6.  Ever wonder why I don’t have short hair.  I know you have.  Don’t lie.  Here is why:

Can you imagine if I had a head full of these tight little Nellie curls all over my head?  With humidity?   My best friend has told me, “Girl!  You have ethnic hair.  Someone in your family must have had a romp in the wood pile.”  I’m still looking for the possible romp in my genealogy studies.

7.  I love popcorn.  Air popped with nacho cheese or caramel flavorings.  That is all.  Advertisement over back to the list.

8.  A couple of days ago I let the dogs out only to discover three little frogs had hopped on to our porch in the night since someone (who shall remain nameless) left the screen door open.  I thought they were cute but it took a great part of finesse and chicken treats to keep my dogs from making new frienemies.  I left the door open so they could hop back out.  I was quite sad to discover a few hours later this had been a mass suicide attempt and they were all dead.  Why would three frogs hop to my porch to die?  It makes me nervous.  There has to be a story somewhere that says the rapture will happen after three frogs die on Junebug’s porch.

9.  I was amused by the placement.  Even more evidence of a sign of the apocalypse?  The triangle of frog suicide.  Or a love triangle gone wrong.  

10.  Getting my hair colored today.  Ta Ta!