Sunday Social

My favorite posts from the week.  A little light since I was busy doing paperwork, perusing nursery design sites and playing Words with Friends.

If I had friends and if they loved me – this would be my shower.  Sarcasm 101 is the name of the blog but I am not being sarcastic when I say I love this shower!

Kludgy Mom did a great post on what a few TV shows should really be titled.

What is your relationship with sugar?  Simple Mom has a great post on sugar detoxing.  I do like sugar but I have to admit that since I cut it out I relish in the delightful sweetness of a strawberry.  Hubby still has to have everything dosed with it.  Drives me crazy!  There is a difference once it is out of your system you can actually taste food differently.  The same with salt.

This broccoli and cheese quiche looks so good over at The Craft Floozy.  Maybe I should go eat breakfast.  Damn the power of suggestion.

I just love how fun the English language can be to play with.  Weaving a Tale or Two had some fun with Grammar Friday.