Which author would you rush to see at the Decatur Book Festival?

Back in 2007 I heard Diana Gabaldon was going to be speaking at the Decatur Book Festival.  I called my bff and begged her to go with me.  We were quickly in the car and headed to Festival.  I fell in love with the Festival.  I need your help to win press passes to the launch party on the 16th.  I know what you are thinking, “Junebug, really?  You just have to wait a few more hours and the author list will be on-line.”  Hello!  Have you learned nothing about me?  I have no patience!  I’ve already been waiting since the Festival ended last September.  You want me to wait a few more hours?  Have a heart!  Leave me a comment telling me which author you would love to see at the Festival.  In return, I will send good thoughts and friendly karma in your general direction.  You don’t have to leave a comment but remember I will find you and it won’t be pretty when I do.

Here are some reasons you should consider attending the Festival:

1.  It is free.  You read me right – FREE!  Who can’t afford free?  Where else can you sit two rows back from authors like Diana Gabaldon and Sherman Alexie for free?

2.  The festival is Labor Day Weekend.  One of my favorite weekends in Atlanta.  I can ride the Marta back and forth between the DragonCon downtown and the Book Festival in Decatur.  Better yet – my hubby stays at DragonCon while I enjoy the Book Festival.

3.  I love the accessibility of the authors.  I can sit and listen to a terrific author then go outside and stand in a short line to buy their book and get an autograph.

4.  There are fantastic booths and a great attempt to highlight local authors.  They work hard to highlight authors that you might not have heard of which is an awesome way to find a new favorite author.
5.  It is not so big you have to fight mounds of people to see the authors or shop the tents or browse the booths.  As Goldilocks would say, “This one is just right.”
6.  The little shops on the Decatur square.  There is a child’s store with a salon in the back and the chairs are little vehicles the kids can sit in.  How adorable!  There is a bookstore that was once a bank.  A section of books are actually housed in the former safe.  Restaurants, book stores, coffee shops, all the quaint little shops that exist around a Southern square.  One year I bought a few Anne MacCaffrey books there to take over to DragonCon and have her sign.
The year I was there Diana Gabaldon said (in reference to how she got started writing Outlander), “I said to myself. Mozart died at 36 and I’m 35 so I better get started.” What great inspiration!  If you have never attended the Festival, why not get started this year!  

To recap: The blogger who writes a post that generates  the most comments will get press passes to the Launch Party June 16th and be among the first to hear this year’s author roster.  I just need your comments.  I promise to tell you all about the party if I get to go.

Which author would you rush to see at the Decatur Book Festival?  (besides me – your favorite blogger)

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21 thoughts on “Which author would you rush to see at the Decatur Book Festival?”

  1. I would rush to see Alice Munroe. I stayed up way later than I should last night reading one of her books, after being away from her material for too long. Man, she writes SO well.
    The book festival sounds amazing and if I lived anywhere at all nearby I would get my butt down there and hang with ya! Enjoy it!

  2. My Atlanta friend keeps mentioning Decatur, sounds like a lovely place for a book festival.

  3. Good luck getting the press passes. I'd say I would like to meet Linda Castillo. She seems like a sick ticket, like me! Lol!

  4. I was looking over the authors of the past festivals. HHHMMMM a lot of them would be fun to meet. I think Rick Bragg would be interesting. Humble southern beginning to success as writer. John Grisham hasn't ever attended it looks like but I would like to have a chat with him. When my kid went to Ole Miss, John still lived in Oxford. He would hang out with the students at the coffee shop and chat. Makes a big impression on a kid to hang out with someone notable. I would love to tell him how cool I think that was on his part.

  5. I get that it is so much better to be there with the author. I would love to be there for Danielle Steele or Thomas Kinkade

  6. Even though I know he's not from the South, I would set my hair on fire to meet Stephen King ('course, that would probably ruin any chance of him wanting to meet me!)

  7. i'm not responding to your author question — but i love the new design(s) you have on your side bars – the
    scroller bar & the strings of leaves are very nice. do you have a web designer that does that for you?

  8. i might just have to sneak down for that! my parents live in marietta and i used to live down there. i miss it!
    have a nice wknd!

  9. When Michael Pollen came to my old town I really wanted to hear him speak, he's the guy for me. And you too Junebug :)

  10. Are there any Irish authors attending? I'd love to meet Sinead Moriarty author of "The baby trail" and many other really enjoyable books!

  11. It would not matter which author, just to be in the same room with so many talented people would be an amazing adventure.

  12. I can't believe I've lived in ATL for 18 years and have NEVER been to this event. You have totally sold me! I'm in and looking forward to it.

  13. We LOVE the Decatur Book Festival! Going with friends has meant a TON of awesome exposure to a whole new world of books and literature for me. I'm totally looking forward to it this year!

  14. Great description! My crazy daughter (Queen Christine) took me a couple of years ago & we had a great time. Your excellent review reminded me that I'd like to include the DBF again in our Labor Day Weekend plans; maybe get to include Junebug as well! 😉

  15. I hope you win! I don't have any good authors to reccommend because the only things I am currently reading consist of Master's Degree Nursing Text. I'm so dull.

  16. I grew up a few miles outside of Decatur. The city of Decatur is fabulous and the book festival is sublime! So many talented writers and the smell of new books to dive into = yum! I cannot think of one in particular, but I'm drawn to southern authors and lowcountry {probably because that's what I'm writing about myself}. Have so much fun @ the DBF in September, JuneBug! Who knows? Maybe we'll get the chance to meet, that would be fun, too.


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