Why I Want a Digital Camera!

Humor Blogger Redhead Ranting is hosting a giveaway.  It is in conjunction with Pierre’s Lab.

They are giving away a Polaroid DVG-720BC.

Here is why I want to win the digital camera.

1.  Have you been to Savannah?  We have some characters in this place.  We sat and watched this guy stumbled down the sidewalk dragging this really large stick behind him.  We thought he was really proud of his stick.  As he was crossing the street halfway across he drops his stick, looks around and walks on.  He was just trying to cause an accident or something.  We were laughing so hard.  It would have been fun to tape the whole thing.

2.  I’m accident prone and things just happen to me.  Everyone keeps saying I should be taped 24/7 so we could win the American’s Funniest Home Video.  Who wants to watch me break up a fight on a London train with my Kindergarten teacher skills?  Slip on a Mayan ruin?  Walk into one of those glass walls at the mall?  Who designed glass walls at a mall anyway?

3.  I could video tape my neighbor and his ever evolving women.  Seriously I think he rotates at least three women and four children in and out of his house.  I haven’t got it all figured out yet but a camera would help.  I would so be Gladys Kravitz.  Ten points if you can tell me what show Gladys was on.  Ten points towards what?  Nothing.  Karma?

4.  I see things and people never believe me!  No one will believe the gang of uni-cyclists.  I was lucky enough to get the pic of the dog sled golf cart.  Imagine what I could capture with a digital video camera. 

5.  We are preparing to adopt a child later this year and I inform my hubby that as soon as we were are matched we have to get a video camera.  Most people get to video parts of their process and get to enjoy all kinds of stuff.  We get kind of screwed but just because we get the short end of the stick doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it.  For instance, we will have to get on a plane with all kinds of baby stuff like a carrier, etc. as we fly to where the baby is being born.  I think it would be fun to have all this baby stuff and when people start looking for our baby or ask us where the baby is I will get a stricken look on my face and say, “Crap!  We forgot the baby!”  I think it will be fun to video the reactions.

PSS I just realized it is 2011 and I don’t actually own a digital camera.  Does that make me lame or retro?

11 thoughts on “Why I Want a Digital Camera!”

  1. "Crap! We forgot the baby!"

    I am spewing the drink I just tried to swallow.

    I wish you great luck and may you win.

  2. That camera is so yours, Junebug. The rules of just having to write why you want it….you aced it, my friend. I would write a post on my blog of reasons Junebug needs to win. Let's check with Jen and see if you would get two entries for that.

  3. Even though I was in the running for this… I'm glad you won.

    Now, when you win a million bucks on America's Funniest Home Video, I would like a cut.


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