Eavesdropping on Myself

This conversation was actually parlayed to me via my cousin.  It was a great discussion with her 10 year old son.   She is a hard worker and actually has three jobs.  One of the jobs is cleaning places occasionally.  Her son was helping her as she cleaned a bathroom.

Cousin:  “Oh, wait.  There is one more trash can I need to get.  It is for the feminine products.”
Son:  “Like pads.”
Cousin:  “Yeah, pads and tampons.”
Son:  “What are tampons?”
Cousin:  “Well, kind of the same thing but you insert them.”
Son:  “Up there?”
Cousin:  “Yeah.”
Son:  “Won’t that make them pregnant?”
Cousin:  “No. Not that.”
Son:  “Well, where do they stick them?  Not up their butt?”
Cousin:  “No, honey, not the butt.  We’ll discuss this later.”

OMG!!  We were both laughing so hard.  It reminds me of the time my sister drove all the way to OK where I was living on the Indian Reservation.  She showed up, dropped off my nephew while her and my niece ran to the store.
Sister:  “Nephew has some questions for you.”
Me:  “Umm.  Ok.”  (I so should’ve known something was up.) “What’s up little man?”
Nephew:  “Mom said you would explain wet dreams to me.”
Me:  (I know that b*tch is laughing manically as she speeds away.)

I’m actually grateful that I got all the hard questions with my niece and nephew.  It really helped bond us together.  I just wish my sister would’ve given me more notice so I could plan.  I think she enjoyed dropping the big ones on me as often as she could.  We have the same sick sense of humor.  I laughed just as hard as she did when we reminisced later.  Good times.

3 thoughts on “Eavesdropping on Myself”

  1. Ahahahahah! Ohmigosh! The tampon story cracked me up. But the wet dream one KILLED me!! AHahahahhahahh

  2. Ok, this may help (or make you call Child Services). Use a nosebleed analogy. Kleenex to catch the blood as it exits your nose = pad. Kleenex wadded up and shoved into your nose = tampon.

    Yeah, I left it up to their father to explain wet dreams.

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