What would Granny do?

This is an actual situation but all names and places are hidden in my brain to keep the world as safe as I possibly can.

My friend’s mother, we shall call her Granny (she would hate this) but she is in her 70’s and a grandma so it does fit.  Besides she is a pistol packing Granny which reminds me of Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies and I wonder What would Granny do?

Granny  is a landlord.  One of her properties was a restaurant.  A great couple ran the restaurant for a very long time but they left it to relatives.   The relatives dropped further and further behind in their payments until she finally had to say enough.  She had her handyman go with her to change the locks.  All they found inside was rotten food and drug paraphernalia.  The tenants showed up and tried to threaten the handyman.  Luckily he was big like Jed and it didn’t bother him.  The tenants (we can assume but allegedly) came back at night to break all the windows and steal anything not nailed down.  Granny filed a police report and replaced the windows.  Soon the window were all smashed back out so she boarded it up and filed another police report.

Granny likes to travel and left town on vacation.  She came home to find all the windows in her home smashed out!   She filed a police report, doubled up her security system and went back out of town for another trip.  She returned to find her windows all broken out again.  The tenants (allegedly but let’s face it once a fluke – twice a pattern) had thrown large rocks smashing all her windows again.  After filing yet again another police report, she had a video survilance system put up.  In addition, she had steel doors put on all her doors.  My friend and I are completely against these doors because you have to have a key to get OUT!  What if they throw a fire bomb or something?  So scary.  She went back out of town and came back to find they went behind her house and broke all her garage windows.  Another police report.  But what the heck is Granny to do??

The police have not/will not/can not find enough evidence to do anything about this problem.  A 70+ year old woman is being terrorized!  We are sure she keeps traveling because she is afraid to be home alone.  What if she happens to be there the next time they hit?  When my friend called for advice all I had was, “You know what she needs…Michael Weston from Burn Notice.  He would take care of those a**es!”  Made my friend laugh but it doesn’t solve the problem.

I find it hard (but not impossible) to believe a Granny can be tormented in today’s day and age and there is nothing to be done about it.  Even if they were arrested it is simply vandalism and/or theft.  That doesn’t fetch much time.  If it was my mother, I’m afraid I would already be in jail.  I would taken my pink baseball bat and gone to have a conversation with them.  Rational?  No but can you fight irrational with rational?  At this point, they have lost the restaurant.  They have vandalized it twice and her home three times.  What do they have to gain at this point?  Nothing but sheer pleasure from tormenting an old woman.

Anyone out there have some advice?  Maybe you know a real life Michael Weston, who has a soft spot for helping out Grannies?  If it was your Granny, what would you do?  I think I know the answer to the question of what would Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies do.  She would use her shotgun and have this thing sorted in seconds.  If only real life was as simple as TV.


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    1. Nope. They were in the front which is why the jerks moved to the back to break the garage windows. However, granny likes to sit out back on her porch and in her garden all the time. What if they jumped over while she was there? Plus, she has to use a key to get in and get out because of those stupid steel doors. Ugh!

  1. I believe I would keep climbing the ladder…police chief, mayor, judge…until I had someone that would help. Go the the newspapers, no one wants that kind of publicity.

  2. I can’t believe those thugs! I hope granny was able to catch anything on video. What about neighbors who witness any of this madness? Sorry I don’t have anything to offer. I’m just so shocked that she has to put up with this!

    BTW, Love the blog makeover.

    1. We think they saw the cameras go in the front so they went around the back to break the garage windows. I was wondering about the neighbors myself but I guess if they are old and maybe want to stay out of it for fear of them. I don’t know. Crazy times.
      Thanks! :-)

  3. That is one of the most horrific stories I have ever heard! How horrible for your friend. I’m going to assume the video didn’t capture anything. Maybe Granny should hire some muscle. Seriously. A couple of “professional” house sitters to surprise the vandals the next time Granny goes out of town. Whatever she does, I hope this problem is resolved soon so Granny can finally have some peace of mind.

    1. I know! My friend thought they should hire someone to stay there while she was gone but we worry about their safety. We don’t know if (since she has been traveling so much) they know she is gone or not. I wouldn’t stay there! Couldn’t pay me enough money but maybe like you said some muscle guys might be ok. She is going to have a breakdown if this doesn’t stop soon. She has to go home eventually. I’m not sure I would ever feel save again. I’ve been stalked before and I’m hyper vigilante. I’m afraid I would have already moved and changed my name.

  4. That is an awful story. I can’t believe the cops aren’t staking out the place. I wonder if she called a private investigator if they wouldn’t give her some direction how to handle it. We had a good friend in TX that was a PI and he did stake outs all the time for women that needed protection from mean/abusive exes. Because they carry guns, I guess they aren’t quite as concerned about their safety.

    1. My friend was wondering about a PI. I just didn’t know what more he could do unless he could get enough evidence to help the police charge these idiots.

  5. Holy crap, this is terrible. This might be one of the worst stories I’ve ever heard!

    I don’t understand. Why can’t the police do anything about these assholes that are terrorizing this 70 year old woman? WTF.

    Clearly, she needs some form of protection.

  6. I hope you are soon able to write how this gets resolved. The bullies are retaliating. They sick, obviously, and addicts, so they are out of control. I hope some smart and caring person gets involved.

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