Eavesdropping on Myself

After having a wonderful coffee/play date this morning with Summer of Banana Hammocks and Tutus, I called my husband at work.

Me: “Hey honey!  Whatcha’ doing?”

Husband:  “Talking about poo.  Poop.  Poo. Poop poo.”

Me:  “Oh.  Ok.  Well, speaking of poop I was wondering if you would like to have lunch?”

I guess now that we are parents we will be having lots of conversation about poo.  Can’t wait.

On a side note:  What do you call a pacifier?  A pacy? A Binky? Something else?  I have always called it a Binky.  I’m just curious.  If you call it something different, what part of the world are you from?

11 thoughts on “Eavesdropping on Myself”

  1. Parents talk about poop quite a bit. lol

    I call it a “soother.” It was called that when I was growing up, and so I still call it that. I’m from Ontario. But not everyone here calls it a soother.

    1. It makes sense to call it a soother. In fact, one of the binkies I bought is a little bigger and green and it is named a soother on the package. The nurses told me about it in the hospital.

  2. Not very exciting, but we call if a fire. That wasn’t a plan–mostly just my fault because I like to shorten words when I speak. And now the little one calls it that.

    I’d heard the term binkey before but, prior to having our son, I always thought it was a blanket (I wasn’t around babies much until we had one).

    1. Love it! I always shorten words and names. Drives my hubby insane. He hates nicknames.

      I call all baby blankets blanky which does sound an awful lot like binky so I can see why you would think it was the same. I just find it really interesting what people call the same item in different parts of the country.

    1. His cubicle mate is a woman whom has a 6 month old so they talk about babies all day now. Her son hadn’t pooped in 3 days which freaked her out so they went to the dr. whom gave them a suppository. He pooped what she called an adult sized poop. You can file that under #thingsyoureallydidn’tneedtoknow

      On the other hand, all I ever here is Jane says, Jane said, Jane thinks. It is kind of annoying. In my head all I hear is Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

  3. Before Parenthood, life influenced by the vagaries of fate, after Parenthood )at least to begin with)life influenced by bowel movements.

    1. Leave it to you to be able to so succinctly be able to sum up the first part of parenthood. Our conversations are currently mostly about sleep, food/milk/formula, poo and gas. I’m kind of boring right now. :-)

  4. we call it a “num” (pronounced numb!)… my girls never used one, but my niece’s three kids used a “num” ~ my daughters both sucked their two middle fingers (ring & middle)… i never had to worry about the num falling out & looking for it! oh — my family is from california.

  5. I’ve called it paci or binky however I used to call my daughters the plug… because if she was screaming or fussy I could plug it up and instant silence occured…<3 the PLUG

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