Best Parade Ever Island Style

As I typically do with company in town, I searched for something fun to do.  When I read about the Tybee Island Christmas Parade I envisioned large crowds, parking issues and a long parade.   It was none of those things and yet it did not disappoint.  Well, it didn’t disappoint a group of fun loving peeps who know when to have a good time!

12:45 – Arrive on the island.   As I cruise down the main drag I see occasionally a few people set up in chairs along the street.  Two people in one block.  A family in the next block.  I begin to wonder if I miss read the actual time of the parade.  We effortless slide into a parking spot in the most popular parking lot near the pier.

12:50 – Baby Bug has a massive poo.  I’m trying to change her diaper and as soon as I’m almost done she continues her present.  Another diaper and a new outfit later we are on our way down the block to scout out a spot for the parade.

12:58  – We pick the spot in the very open curb which is shaded by a two foot wide sign.  Baby Bug is fast asleep in my Moby wrap after all the work she put into her diaper filling.

1:02 – The parade starts with the cops.  One cop on a bike, one in a car and two in golf cart dune buggies.

Followed by the Shriners.  There weren’t even enough to fill all the carts but they were all happy and full of waves.

Next we had one of my favorites!  This is one of the ways you can tour Savannah.  Everyone is biking and powering the vehicle.  The spin here is everyone is a reindeer leading Santa.  We were laughing so hard by this point we knew it could only get better.

Then we saw Naz T Butt.  Cigarettes are nasty?  Ok.  Very funny.

I was torn on the next float.  They had put the residents of the local Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center on a Trolley.  Some seemed really into it and other appeared very confused.  We smiled and waved as hard as we could hoping we could brighten their day.

The Grinch in a pink sled led by a zebra.  Enough said.

A festive goat was following the Grinch because…I got nothing.

Finally Santa on the fire engine.

All our laughing woke Baby Bug up in time to see Santa.

After the parade we were walking around town when we discovered this amazing window painting.  Our minds were anything but innocent.  I think if his other arm was in the air and not doing things unknown it would be a lot less creepy.


10 thoughts on “Best Parade Ever Island Style”

  1. My question is, what is the girl with the goat about to pick up with her bare hands? Wait, don’t tell me, I’d rather leave it up to my imagination.

    1. There was a really big dog with leg warmers on his legs and one had fallen off. This was only have the fun stuff. There was a Beach Chair group of women who did a whole routine with beach chairs.

  2. OH. MAH. GAWSH.

    Yeah. There are certain things about here that I am not going to miss (the apathy for starters) but stuff like this makes me laugh all year long! xox

    1. We laughed the entire time!!!! The last was an old Chevy pickup and we realized he was just stuck in traffic behind the parade and not actually a float.

  3. Visting Tybee will always be one of my best memories. All were firsts for me, my first flight, my first view of the ocean, my first light house to climb…on and on.

    I love Savannah and Tybee Island, rich with history, full of beauty and always in my heart.

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