Eavesdropping on Myself

History according to Junebug…

With friends in town we went to explore Fort Pulaski.

QP:  “What is in here?”

RP:  “Cannons.”

Junebug:  “Oh!  I wonder if this is where they got the inspiration for Cannonball Run?”

QP:  “OK.  Junebug doesn’t get to ask any more questions.”

Junebug:  “Do you think Burt Reynold’s was here?”

QP:  “I wonder what this big hole in the ceiling was for?”

Junebug:  “Probably the toilet hole for the second floor.  Fire in the hole!”

QP:  “History according to Junebug.”

Junebug:  “Yep, my daughter is going to have to go to school to be unschooled from my teaching.  I might make a ton of things up.  Now follow me and I will show you where they used to dance the Macarena and host raves.  Then we will see where the first blog post was written.”

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