How to host a Leap Day Party!

To celebrate our leap of faith in to the world of adoption we decided to have a Leap Day Play Date/ Adoption Finalization Celebration!  What animal comes to mind when you think of Leap Day?  A frog!  Just me?  Whatever.  I went with the frog theme.

First, I decided to make a frog out of a watermelon.  You read that right…a frog out of a watermelon.  I was quite nervous about it and bought two watermelons in case I screwed one of them up.  Turns out I didn’t need it.  What do you think?  Look like a frog?

I caught me a bug.

Second, I needed frog prince and princess cupcakes.  Kissing these frogs won’t get you a real life prince or princess but it will give you a sugar high for a couple of hours.

Resistance is futile!

Third, I had to buy some toys because Baby Bug is kind of lacking in the toy department.  I only bought two toys and the one I thought would be the hit of the party was defective.  Super hubby ran to return it first thing in the morning and got it up and running before the party.  Luckily I had suggested the guests bring a favorite toy to play with just in case the natives got restless.

Fourth, make Baby Bug (insert name of your kid) a t-shirt for the occasion.

What day did you say it was again? And do I have to actually leap because I'm still working on the whole crawling thing you keep going on about?

Fifth, have awesome friends!!  One friend made rabbit (they can leap, too) shaped bread and chicken salad to go on the rabbit shaped bread.  One friend gladly brought over several toys which eased my stress of having 9 bored toddlers on my hand.  I did have the TV ready to pop on the Sprout channel if they started to riot.  One friend even brought a nice toy to leave as hand-me-down with a great box of clothes!  And one friend brought some pineapple upside down cakes.  Yummy!

Hopping around the tray.

Sixth, have fun!!!  How can you not have fun with frog cupcakes, rabbit shaped chicken salad sandwiches, good friends and smiling toddlers?  Baby Bug fell asleep about 20 minutes after the guests arrived and woke up about 20 minutes before they left.  Hostess with the mostess!!!

Seventh, always have an element of surprise.  My friend had told me there was this thing were people look in other people’s showers.  I had heard of rummaging in the medicine cabinet but not looking in the shower.  I decide if someone was going to look in my guest shower I should have something for them to see.  I’m snotty like that.

See Something You Like?

How about you?  Did you do anything fun to celebrate Leap Day?  Ideas for a Leap Day Party?  I wanted to play leap frog but my audience was a bit too young.  Do you look in people’s showers?

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  1. Did you actually make those cupcakes, too? Very talented, Junebug!

    Also: I puffy heart the idea of putting a “surprise” in the shower for nosy guests. Not that I would have even see it if I were at your party (I loathe nosy ppl, so of course I would never snoop, in a million years). If it were me, I would put something in my shower that would scare the sh*t out of my company, causing them to shout in horror when they opened up the shower curtain. That way, I would know for sure who the snoopy ppl were so that I never would invite to my house again. ;p

  2. hahaha What a fun article to read. Made me smile. Thanks. I didn’t think of having a leapday party. My loss, I guess. And yes, I have looked in a couple of people’s showers. shhhh Don’t tell. Deb

  3. I love the idea of a surprise in the shower. When I first read the post, I was thinking, do people really look in the shower? Then as I thought about it, I realize I’ve been guilty of it myself! Maybe the next time I’m having a get-together, I’ll put something in the shower to give my guests something to look at!
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  4. Cute party ideas! We hope to get the chance to adopt someday. I have 3 boys and would love to adopt a little girl internationally. We didn’t do anything special on Leap Day besides take it easy. My hometown in Southern IL was hit by an EF4 tornado so I spent a lot of the day thinking about them. Luckily all of my family was okay.

    1. I’m glad your family was ok!! Good luck with the adoption. We looked at internationally but things have been so crazy with the different countries so went domestic.

  5. These are some really fun ideas for Leap Day parties! I treated my family to mini cupcakes from one of our favorite bakeries, on Leap Days. It wasn’t as fun as your party but they were still tasty! LOL!

  6. We didn’t celebrate leap day. Yes, I do think of frogs. I love your watermelon frog and the cupcakes!! Yes, I do look into people’s showers! sssshhhhh! haha! We are an adoptive family too! Great post and great ideas for any party, really! :)

  7. First off, congratulations on the adoption finalization!

    Second, I love your blog colors!

    Third, if someone peeked in my shower they would want to come and help me do the home improvement needed in there! Previous owners painted the tub…now the tub is peeling…and I’ve started, but have not finished removing the ugly surround! I’m a DIY failure:)
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  8. what a great idea and fun party! too bad that i’ll have to wait 4 more years to have one of my own. and congratulations on your adoption!

    1. I live in the South. We can find watermelons year round. Of course, these were actually the small winter ones. The picture makes it look much larger than it is in reality.

  9. Aw, that looks like such a cute party. Was it as fun as it looks? I unfortunately didn’t do much to celebrate the event, although I did get a temp job. That’s exciting, right? I thought it was, anyway!
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    1. It was pretty fun. A temp job is exciting especially if you had been waiting for one! Plus, I find starting a new job exciting -> it is only a few weeks after the routine sets in I get bored. :-)

  10. Love your Leap Day Party idea! We didn’t really do anything this year, but you did give me great ideas for the future! It sounds like you had a lot of fun and great food! I enjoyed reading and looking through the photos! Your shower bunny cracked me up!
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  11. Brilliant! I LOVE your frog watermelon. Of course the frog should be the patron saint of Leap Day. Now, if only I can remember to have a Leap Day party four years from now…

    My kids will love it!
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