Social Sunday

My favorite posts from the past week:

I loved My 3 Ring circus‘ post on 25 Acts of Random Kindness!  Great ideas.  I was almost overwhelmed with the joy they were spreading.

I am so going to have a day when my daughter can make these Coffee Filter Flowers in a few years.  A great idea by Nuggle Mama.  We have had a package of coffee filters for over 6 years!  Why?  I have no idea since our coffee pot doesn’t use filters.  I think my hubby bought them not realizing this fact.  Now, we have a use.

I can’t wait until Baby Bug has enough hair to do this look Flower Bun with Weaved Ribbon hair do shown by Measured By the Heart.

Scrapbooking is a love of mine.  I just don’t actually do it.  Crazy -> I know.  I keep collecting materials and such but never get around to doing it.  I found some work by An Elegant Touch and feel inspired.  I need to host a crop night at my house and get some work done.

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6 thoughts on “Social Sunday”

  1. Thanks for sharing Junebug. Like your hubby I too occasionally purchase items whose sole purpose seems to be to take up space and collect dust…………………..

    1. That is the “man thing” and the “woman thing” is to buy something for the sole purpose of showing how much money she saved by buying said item. LOL

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