The Nerve of N

How does someone get on your nerves?  What does a person do that makes it feel like they are jumping up and down on the very last straw of sanity you have been clutching to?

Here are a few situations that get on my nerve:

Nosy people:  Let me clarify.  People who are nosy just for the sake of being nosy and to spread gossip.

The people behind you in line at the grocery store who slide up to breathe on your neck as soon as the cashier hands you your receipt but  you still need to put your money in your wallet.  Hey idiot!  You can’t pay until she rings you up anyway!  Back up off my butt!

The driver who goes around you cutting you off just so they can turn in front of you making you slam on your brakes.  If you want to die -> jump off a cliff.  Don’t try to take me with you in a car accident!

My dog licking her butt.  How long can you listen to your dog lick her butt before you explode and shout, “Stop licking your butt!!!”?  <- about 10 minutes on average in my house.

People who talk during a movie in a movie theater after you have taken out a loan just to afford the ticket to see the movie.

People who drop their kids off at the theatre so the kids can talk during the movie I just took a loan out to afford to watch.  Note:  I don’t really go to the theatre anymore.  Too expensive and I have to deal with people.

When someone calls people back on their phone saying, “Yea, did you call me?  I got a call from this number.”  If someone from this number called you and didn’t leave a message then they probably didn’t want to talk to you.  Why call them back?  This woman called me the other day and argued with me saying I (my cell number) had just called her.  I said, “Lady, I’ve been at the park for 45 minutes working out with a group of people.  They will all tell you I didn’t make a bloody phone call!”  WTH!

Wow!  Who knew Monday would touch such a nerve in me.  Obviously the grocery store and the movie theatre can really get me all riled up.  I feel like I could go on forever.  What gets on your nerves?

I’ll leave you with a final one I can’t even take credit for.  I have no idea who said it but it was going around Facebook.   “I hate it when people ask me if I have a bathroom.  No, of course, not.  We shit in the yard.”

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  1. Ah, attitude. I love it. I am a person who can relate to this post quite dramatically. I seem very stoic most of the time, but I have an A type personality. The grocery store person and the person who cuts you off just to turn – or to then go ten miles an hour BELOW the speed limit – are ones I agree with. Anyone who stands too close to me is a bother. I need space. I also can’t stand when people laugh stridently in public places for long intervals of time. Also – people who let their children play in places of business – such as the grocery store or the bank or at a funeral for god’s sake. Ah…thanks for letting me vent. This week I am feeling like all the world think people need to be sweet even in their minds, and I just don’t get it.
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    1. I was stuck behind a person today going 30 in a 45!!! At least go the minimum!!! I was going insane.
      After working retail, I really detest children running around unattended in stores. You know those are going to be the first people to sue if their kid gets hurt. I finally stopped ignoring it. When I was working in Borders and these boys destroyed the kids section while their mom was elsewhere. Throwing books and such. I said, “Ok boys. I would appreciate it if you helped me clean up this mess, please.” I directed them and what to do and we cleaned it up together just in time for the mom to return.

  2. People talking during a movie always get under my skin as well. It doesn’t even have to be in a theater. My own son is a talker, trying to carry on a running dialogue while the film is showing. I’m always shitting him down! :)

    1. I had a friend who talked during movies. Drove me nuts. We were watch Cool Runnings -> not exactly a brain twister of a movie! And she kept asking questions. I finally said, “If you would shut up and watch the movie you would understand better.” I never went to the movies with her again.

  3. I love this post. I could complete this list almost daily. My current and all time top thing that gets on my nerves is people in public in their pajamas and/or slippers. It’s disgusting to me. At least if you’re wearing clothes I can imagine that you had showered in the last 24 hours.
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    1. Good one! I don’t get it either! I saw someone the other day wearing those animal slippers at a store. Really? You couldn’t even find a pair of flip-flops and act as if you hadn’t given up completely?

  4. Pesky People! :) I found you from AtoZ. Oh, and in our house, it’s the cat bathing. Actually, our cat is loud even sleeping. He’s old and he snores. But when he’s washing, it’s annoying.

    1. Too funny! One of our dogs snores really loud. The other morning I woke up and my husband had moved to the other bedroom. I asked if I was snoring too loud. He said the only being in the room not snoring was one of our dogs. Basically our 7 month old(had a cold), our lab and I were all snoring. He said it was quite the concert at one point.

  5. This was funny. I have 3 children we adopted and a comment I get that drives me nuts is, “Do you have any children of your own?” and “Do you have any real children?” My children are 1. Real and 2. Mine (hence MY children). I wrote a blog post on this recently called ‘You Mean They’re Squatters?”

    1. Congrats on making it through 3 adoptions!! Yes, they are real and yours! I had a weird conversation the other day with a mom at a new mom’s group play date. Because my child is bi-racial but she looks like a different race than she is (confused yet?). I said what race she was and the woman looked confused. I then acknowledge that I knew she looked like a different race. The mom said, “Yeah, that momma lied! She was sleeping with someone else.” I looked down and this amazing child in my arms and thought “I hope she doesn’t understand a word and I need to come up with another way of talking about her race/bio-parents.” I would hate for her to hear a comment like that!!

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