Can I be a Fitness Warrior?

September was meant to be the month I discover if I can be a Fitness Warrior.  I had big plans.   I would workout every day, try new ways to exercise, complete a 5k and a 4 mile mud run.  By the end of the month, I would have lost 75 pounds and shamed former Biggest Loser contestants for their laziness.  Only working out 4 hours a day.  Pffftttt.  Then karma bitch slapped me for aiming so high or perhaps for making fun of BL contestants.  I’m not sure which one.  I guess that is why karma keeps slapping me.

The last day of August I stepped over Baby Bug’s bookcase (still in its IKEA box because I am waiting for the cartoon version of the assemble directions) and smacked my foot on the top.  At first I thought it was a regular toe stubbing.  I put on my shoes and went to Zumba.  It was a painful workout.  The next morning my toe was shades of purple I’ve never seen before.  I couldn’t wear a shoe or walk.  An x-ray proved it wasn’t broken but the doctor told me she would be surprised if it was healed in time for the mud run four weeks later.

Who wants to run on this?

How can I a Fitness Warrior if I can’t actually do any fitness activities?  I don’t need Jillian to yell at me to know a Fitness Warrior wouldn’t give up, roll around the couch catching up on old episodes of Celebrity Fit Club and call it good.  True I couldn’t work out but isn’t there something to be said about respecting your body and letting it heal?  I turned inside myself and asked the all important question WWGBD. (What Would Gary Busey Do)  Gary would spread his wisdom on me with a wacky mnemonic device.  <- not a sexual innuendo.








So smart Gary.  Well, the Gary who speaks to me in my head is smart not so sure about the real Gary.  He kind of scares me.

I spent the month recuperating.  I didn’t work out every day in fact I worked out 2 days.  I didn’t do the 5K but I was determined I would do the 4 mile mud run and I did.

My friend thought I was nuts, too.

Time for the after-school special learning moment:  I learned being a warrior isn’t about doing as much as possible and killing it every day.  Being a warrior is about taking the hits as they come and not giving up.  I sacrificed all my other goals to make one of them come true.  My toe ached through the entire race but I sloshed through long treks of mud in the woods as if I was on my to Morder.  I screamed “Cowabunga” as I flew down a hill and landed in a pond.  I spit mud out of my mouth as I crawled army style under ropes in the mud.  I spend hours trying to get mud out of every orifice of my body.  It was totally worth it.  I survived.  It is what Fitness Warriors do -> they survive.

Three months into my Can I Be A … series I finally found something I can be. I can be a Fitness Warrior.

Next up – October is Can I Be A Crafting Guru?  I already have glue gun burns on my fingers.  This might not be pretty.  Want to see my crafting inspirations this month?  Check my boards on Pinterest.


Two days ago the baby gate and I took a ride through my foyer.  In the process, I managed to break my pinky toe.  Yep.  The same pinky toe I sprained at the end of August.  My lesson I thought I learned and shared in this post may not have been the right message and this may be karma bitch slapping me some more.  Or I’m just plain clumsy.  Either way it hurts like hell.

9 thoughts on “Can I be a Fitness Warrior?”

  1. Oh Junebug, what a girl! It is an extremely painful injury and whilst that part of you wants to ignore it please remember it will heal much quicker if you are patient, another great attribute of being a warrior……… Guess I’ll never make it! :)

  2. You are definitely a Fitness Warrior!!! Way to go for fighting through and doing the Mud Run! I’m so impressed!!!

    Can’t wait to hear about your craftiness. And we just recently installed a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. That f’ing thing is going to break me. It’s meant for safety, but I think it may be the most unsafe thing in my house! At least for me…
    Alex recently posted..Greetings from BedrestMy Profile

    1. Seriously!!! Baby gates are evil!!! I’ve already sprained my toe and then broke it. I told my husband it would be easier to box all our crap up and let her have free range of the house than all this baby proofing. I’m going to end up maimed, bloody and/or mutilated.

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