I can Hop with the Best of Them!

As I was making my way around the blogosphere to check on my friends, I realized there are a ton of hops happening right now.  Well, I can hop with the best of them.  Step back now and see how it is done.  I’m sorry.  I was being a bit cheeky there.  If you don’t mind moving to the side, I will gladly demonstrate how well I can hop.  Is that better?  Oh, good!  Would hate to offend anyone on this fine Saturday morning or whatever time and day you might be reading this awesome post.  I’ll just move along.

 Alex J. Cavanaugh is one of the most supportive bloggers out there!  Seriously do not know how he manages to get around to all the blogs and do all the writing he does for himself.  If you are a writer, you will want to follow Alex.  I finished my post after the linky closed but I’m putting it up anyway.  So there! ((sticking tongue out at the universe or some creep who is watching me through my webcam))

List 3 bloggers you really miss and 3 bloggers you would miss.

Bloggers I miss:

Maddy of Late for a Very Important Pregnancy – She went private and I miss not knowing what is happening.

Cardio Girl – She has been busy helping with a friend’s book but I miss her.  I need some sweep the leg action!

Marla of Viva La Marla and Lynn of Wistful Girl – In fairness, I can text or email with either of them if I want.  I simply miss reading their blogs like I used to when we first met before becoming IRL friends.  I know what is happening in their lives but it doesn’t make me miss their writing any less.

Bloggers I would miss:

Who wouldn’t I miss but the rules say 3.

Cheryl of The Art of Being Conflicted – She always makes me laugh.

Meleah of Momma Mia, Mea Culpa – Another blogger I consider a good friend!  I puffy heart her.  We’ve become so close through Facebook and our weekly watch TV and make fun of the famous or not so famous bitchfest.

My friend Mike of Recreated Design Company.  Her blog Blue Velvet Chair went viral so quick and she moved up in the world to build it into an entire business.  Super duper happy for her but I just hope to keep seeing her blog.


I have no idea what this hop is going to be about but they have hyped it higher than a hot air balloon.  I will be checking Mark Koopmans‘ blog on Monday, November 19th for the big announcement.  I hope it is lives up to the hype or I might … well, honestly I would do nothing and slink away.   Alex recommended it so if it sucks I say we go after him.

Denise Covey, L’Aussie Writer is hosting a Holiday Spirit Blogfest next month.  She is looking for up to 800 words of fiction or non-fiction stories of family tradition, favorite/unique recipes, inspirational articles, etc.; involving the essence of the holiday spirit.  I’m sure after NaNoWriMo 800 words will feel like a fruitcake walk in the snowy woods.

In other news:

Cassie and Tara both reached 500 followers and are hosting a giveaway.   Cassie is offering a full manuscript critique and Tara is offering a beautiful blog header.

I am a Reader, Not a Writer is hosting a Clear your Shelf Giveaway.  One more day to check out all the blogs giving away books.  I wish I had seen this one sooner.  I would have given away a few books of my own.  I did notice she might be doing it again in January.  She, also, is hosting the 3rd Annual Gratitude Giveaway Hop.  Lots of people are signed up to be generous.  Go check it out.

9 thoughts on “I can Hop with the Best of Them!”

    1. I got the events from you or from blogs I followed off your post. LOL It feels good to be getting back into the saddle of blogging and writing. Thanks for adding me to the list. :-)

  1. Hi Junebug .. I don’t know these … other than Alex of course! Such is life … took me by surprise to see the list reduced – I’d logged the number I’d got to … but not the person – had to refind, so I can check out the posts.

    Yup .. you’ve certainly reminded us of various bloggers and blog-fests .. thanks for the reminders … cheers Hilary
    Hilary recently posted..Oh How I miss you Blogfest …My Profile

  2. There is so much good stuff going on. I’m also curious about the Giving Back blogfest. I’ve been hearing about it for a few weeks. Can’t wait to find out what it’s actually about. :)

    1. I know! I feel like I’ve been in a coma and am just waking up to a new blog world. My daughter just turned one so I’ve been in baby world for a year but so ready to get back out into society. Can’t wait for the announcement on Monday.

      PS On Sundays I do a post called Sunday Social where I highlight posts I loved during the week. I’m going to be sending people to your great post especially my friends seeking help with NaNoWriMo. You did an awesome job! I am loving all these helpful articles.

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