The Birthday Party Pinterest Built

Technically I built everything but Pinterest is to blame.  When I was thinking about Baby Bug’s 1st Birthday the only theme which made any sense was Ladybugs.  Have you ever seen a Junebug?  Those things are ugly as hell!  Ladybugs are much cuter.

Note:  Due to the nature of how Pinterest works and the worry of stealing the credit from someone else, I am linking directly to the blogs/websites I went to after first seeing their work on Pinterest.  I feel it is only fair to link directly to their site and make sure they get credit for the idea.  However, when I went to write this article I found most of the links were broken or not properly giving credit to the original pinner.  If you see your idea and I didn’t link to you, I am sorry.  I tried.  Send me an email with the original link and I will gladly link you up.

I got a little tutu happy.  I made tutus for our girls to wear and for each of their high chairs.  It was quite easy.  I did two different methods.

For the highchairs I used ribbon and tied it up in the back.  A method I saw over at Always Under Pay.

For the girls, I used elastic and followed the advice of Mom Dot.  Luckily my vase was about the same size as my daughter’s waist.  I did black on the bottom and red on the top.  I was going to add black pompoms on for the perfect ladybug effect.  However, I knew I couldn’t glue them on in fear the girls would take them off and eat them and the thought of sewing on a billion pompoms by hand was unappealing.  Two-toned tutu is was!  Working with glitter tulle is awful!  Everything will be coated in glitter for months.

I loved this birth to 1 year in photos banner I saw at Hostess with the Mostess.  I made my own version with little ladybugs.

Of course, I had to have the photo booth.   I found great outlines for the props at Oh Happy Day and Lyana MK.

The Backdrop!

The props!

My silly friend and me!  Princess hats and mustaches are all the rage.

My husband made and decorated Baby Bug’s smash cake.  I got the Ladybug Cake Pan
off Amazon.  It was a carrot cake which was gluten/diary/wheat free except for the icing.  Baby Bug loved the cake but not the frosting.  She did enjoying playing in the frosting.

We laid down several mats for the babies to crawl around on. It was a big hit!

To start I got on Pinterest, opened a board for her birthday and begin pinning away.  So many ideas.  It caused me to drink on more than one night.  I do believe Pinterest successfully helped me give Baby Bug the best 1st birthday ever.  One of Baby Bug’s best friends is a few days older than her.  Her mom and I decided to have their birthday party together since we have so many friends in common.  We rented out a pavilion at the local park and had some fun.   Part of the gift bags were reusable snack bags I made with fabric designed by one of my best friends.  I will post about them in a separate post.

If you look at all those pins and think great idea but I can never make that – > don’t!  I’m proof these ideas can come to life.  What was your child’s 1st birthday party theme?  Have you had success using Pinterest to build a party?

6 thoughts on “The Birthday Party Pinterest Built”

  1. those ideas are superb! love the tutu! & photo booth! too much!
    it’s not the creating that daunts me, its the time consumption…

    way to make it memorable!!

    1. The time consumption was killing me. It took me almost 3 weeks to get everything ready but when I had the party set up and going I looked around and thought “What the hell did I spend my time doing? This is practically nothing.” LOL

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