Monday Groundhog Style

I wish there was an easy way to say look at last Monday’s post and “ditto!”  No?  Boy, technology has a long way to go before it becomes useful.   Baby Bug is better but than the hubby went down with her illness.  Anyone else have  a hubby who is worse when sick than their kid?  I’m the only one? Liars.  You know it is true.  Luckily or unluckily, depending on how you look at it, my scale stayed the same.  Considering I did no workouts, I’m pretty happy I didn’t gain 14 pounds.  I will be back to working out this week since I have a virtual 5K this weekend with my Mamavation sisters.

Week 5

 Gained .2 pounds this week.

My total weight loss since first of the year is still 6 pounds.

I’m excited about our #MamavationTV show because the guest is Angela England of the Untrained Housewife.  She is going to be discussing backyard farming.  I am looking forward to growing more this spring and I’m ready to start planning.  Anyone else doing some gardening?  Or are you doing plants a favor and wisely buying from the store since your attempt would mean certain death for your plants?  My husband thinks I’m the later but I keep trying and my plants keep attempting suicide.  It is the cycle of life.

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8 thoughts on “Monday Groundhog Style”

  1. I’m so ready to plant some tomatoes, peas and cucumbers again. Hoping it isn’t as excessively hot this year, lost most of my plants the last couple of years…. (and yes, I’m pretty sure all men are like that!)

    1. Yum!! Do you plant in raised beds, containers or just in the ground? We plan on moving in a few years so I hate to do something not mobile. Plus, our soil here is mostly sand. We can’t even keep our grass growing.

      1. We have a raised bed for the cukes, peas and tomatoes. I also do radishes in containers and sometimes lettuces also in containers. It’s just been so hot in MO the last couple of summers that we haven’t been very successful with anything….

  2. My husband is the most obnoxious whiney baby on the planet when he gets sick. It drives me crazy! However when I get sick, I am expected to carry on as usual. Bleh!

    I also want to have a backyard garden. I try year after year and for some unknown reason, they all mysteriously die. lol
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  3. I always joke that there is sick and then there is man sick they are too differnet things. The Hubs and I can have the same cold and I will be up cooking and cleaning and doing stuff with the kids and he is bed ridden!
    Mommahunt recently posted..What I am doing for LentMy Profile

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