Motivation Monday

I got lucky in December when I stumbled onto the Mamavation community.  I have no idea how I found them but a few months later I can’t remember life before them.  Having this amazing supportive group to be accountable to has been a  huge help during a month where I felt I was stumbling.  My daughter keeps getting sick.  I’m ready for her to all healthy.  She has been so sick she went back to two naps instead of one.  :-(  Not that I don’t mind the extra nap but I wish it wasn’t because she didn’t feel well.  I missed last week’s update so here we go.


I’ve lost 1.2 pounds since my last weigh in.  For a grand total of 7.2 pounds lost for the year.

Not too bad all things considered.  I could have gone up.  2.8 more pounds to go before I hit my second 5 pound loss this year.  In the Mamavation world, we like to go by 5 pound increments so the amount I have to lose (cough 100 pounds cough) doesn’t seem too unattainable.

Completed Goals:

Completed my 2nd 5K this year for 13in2013!  It was a Virtual 5K with #Anywhere5K.  A virtual 5K is where you run a 5K on a specific date but you run by yourself wherever you want to run.  It was my worst 5K time coming in at 46:45 but I was still happy for 2 3 reasons.

1.  I did it.  We had two days to do it either Saturday or Sunday.  Saturday was torrental downpour all day.  Sunday Hubby, Baby Bug and I headed to the park.  They got in some quality daddy/daughter time on the playground while I ran the trail.

2.  I ran almost the entire thing.  I didn’t start walking until after 2.5 miles.

3.  I had gone the opposite direction I normal go on the trail only to discover the other way was more of an incline.  Ooops.  Plus, by the time I was in the last mile I was headed directly  into the sun.  I was slightly dehydrated and having a slight asthma attack.  My running was slower than my mall walking pace so I mall walked it at that point.

Race 2 13in2013

Goals this week:

Complete 5K number 3 on Friday night.  I’m running in the March of Dimes Shamrock Run with my strollercize group and it will be Baby Bug’s first 5K.  I’m doubting any PR’s will be broken that night.  I’ve never ran in a race with Baby Bug even though most my training is with her.

Complete 5K number 4 on Saturday.  I know!  But Mamavation is hosting a virtual 5K and I want to run with my sistas even if it is only in our mind.

I think those goals are good enough for one week.  I can’t believe by this time next week I will have 4 races done for 13in2013.  I’m surprising myself a little bit this year.  What are your goals this week?  Have you surprised yourself lately by being more than you thought you could be?

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    1. I want to say Valentine’s Day clearance at Target. I can’t quite remember but I haven’t been shopping much so I’m pretty sure. :-) They are cozy except Baby Bug didn’t not like them at first. She is a little to into my feet. She has been know to sneak up on me and bite my big toe. So gross. She laughs her head off.

    1. Thanks! And I got your email but I’m swamped with bunch of stuff recently. I’m thinking about joining back in on weekword.

  1. Great job! I like how you do it in 5 lb increments. It does make it sound more attainable. Hats off to you for completing your 3rd 5K! That’s awesome! Keep it up.
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