Toddler Attends Ballet

And we survived!  I define survive as no one melted down or jumped off the balcony.  I woke up scared to death.  I just knew Baby Bug going to the ballet would be a complete and utter disaster.  So I planned for the worst and prayed for the best.  I was going with four friends in a party including 4 one year olds and 1 two year old.

I wore her in the ring sling because it is her favorite carrier at the moment.  I packed a baggy of cheerios and apple slices.  We gave up the bottle this week but I included a sippy cup which she still is part-time resisting and a bottle filled with water in case she was on a sippy cup protest.  I brought her favorite blanky, binky and stuffed animal.  Basically I was a pack mule prepared for a 6 month trek across the Continental Divide.

Packed for Ballet

It was a ballet for children and most of the audience was going to be school children.  We arrived early to scope out the best seats for toddlers which would allow the whole audience to enjoy the show.  Our choices were the very front row, the very back row or the balcony.  The front row was immediately discarded.  The two year had already expressed a desire to get on stage and I wanted the option for a quick escape.  The back row would give a quick escape but the kids would have trouble seeing.  Balcony won!  We snagged front row seats in the balcony and the kids immediately started playing on the stairs between the rows.  There were only a few other people in the balcony so we let the kids play until the show started.  We wanted them to get all their energy out so they would sit politely on our laps for the show.  Stop laughing.  It was a pretty good plan.  We simply misjudged the amount of energy a toddler can store when they are in public.

First Ballet

Once the show started Baby Bug did settle in on my lap.  She giggled, shouted in exuberance during a few parts, clapped with enthusiasm and sang.  The music was an instrumental track with no singing.  Baby Bug thought there should be singing so she provided it in a few spots.  Baby Bug loves classical music and opera.  I think she was enjoying the music more than the dancing.  It was a 55 minute show.  At about 30 minutes she wanted down and she was getting restless.  Since we were the front row in the balcony several of the toddlers preferred to stand at the balcony and to watch and dance.  By 40 minutes, we went to the bathroom and I let her play in the back of the balcony for the last 5 minutes with two of the other restless toddlers.

Watching Ballet

I decided it was a success.  It gave me hope for the future.  We have tickets for a Veggie Tales concert at the end of the month.  My husband thinks I’m nuts but we are going as a family.  Baby Bug has a Veggie Tale book with a button you push and hear a song.  She plays it over and over and over and over.  I think she will like the concert.

The one tidbit I learned is ballet tights leave less to the imagination than most spandex worn in Wal-Mart.  I was wondering if a few were enhancing their bulge or if it was real.  We were confused on the plot and a few characters made no sense to us.  I’m still trying to figure out what fairy tale had a pimp with two chicks or one with a pair of Pirate Cats.  My hubby informed me the Pirate Cats were probably Puss in Boots.  I think the 2 year old had a point when we told her they were cats she said, “She can’t be a cat.  She is wearing a tutu.”  Still have no ideas on the pimp.

Have you tried taking a toddler to the theatre?  Do you have success stories or horror stories?

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    1. We are doing a Veggie Tales concert next because it was free but musicals sound great. I think my daughter would like a musical more than she liked the ballet. I know her and my husband would love the symphony. I hope your family enjoys it. :-)

  1. ” We simply misjudged the amount of energy a toddler can store when they are in public.”


    Honestly this story IS a success!
    Phi is so awesome, I love that little girl.

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