Where is the Outrage Against Monsanto?

A bio-tech company is using congress to find a way to ignore the judicial system.  We all learned in grade school about the checks and balances of our government.  We have Judicial, Legislative and Executive.  All are equal in their power or at least they are supposed to be!


Why should you care and why should you be outraged?  I’m going to put this in the simplest terms possible because I believe the government purposely words things in a very confusing and misleading way.

There is a long twisted tale behind Monsanto and Farmers.  Essentially Monsanto has patented seeds that are able to reproduce themselves.  A farmer bought the seeds under contract with Monsanto.  The Monsanto contract states the farmer can not SAVE seeds from the crop essentially requiring them to buy seeds again the next year.  Later he was able to buy a mixture of seeds from a grain elevator which happened to contain some Monsanto patented seeds.  He planted them and harvested.  Monsanto sued him for patent infringement.  I come from a long line of wheat farmers but other people might not be knowledgeable of how farms work.   A farmer buys seeds, plants them, harvests them, delivers them to a grain elevator to sell.  At this point the grain elevator owns the product and sells it how they see fit.  The Farmer bought seeds from the elevator which is common practice since the grains can be used for feeding animals, etc.  He did not save the seeds from his own crop.  The case went all the way to the Supreme Court and on February 19th, 2013 the Supreme Court sided with the Farmer.  The Judicial review notes the seeds were approved by the USDA illegally.

Monsanto has now turned around and is attempting to skirt the whole checks and balances of our country.  They got a senator to attach a rider (section 735) to the HR 933 bill.  The HR 933 bill is all about funding our government through September.  The rider has no business being attached to HR 933!!  The rider, being falsely named “farmer-friendly” package, would allow the industry to set its own conditions (the ones just deemed illegal by the Supreme Court) to sell biotech seeds.  It goes as far as to force the USDA to immediately approve any permits it presents for continued planting at the industry’s request.  The USDA is to protect farmers and the environment can it do that if it is at the complete beck and call of a biotech company?  I think not!

How does this affect you?

1.  Monsanto is aggressively attacking farmers.  Farmers who don’t have much money and can’t defend themselves.  (See another case involving cross-cross-pollintation which is suing a farmer for the wind blowing the seeds into his field through no fault of his own but a simple act of nature.)

2.  You can now be eating GMO foods (unlabeled and unwittingly) which have had very little testing on how they will process in the human body.  You are the biotech’s Guinea Pig.  Most people would fight the use of animals in product testing.  Why shouldn’t we protest uninformed product testing on the population?  On children?

3.  When will they stop?  Say you buy one of their products.  For sake of argument, a potato, and you use the potato to plant in your own garden for more potatoes.  Suddenly Monsanto is suing you for patent infringement.  This is technically what the farmer did in the recent court case.  They are trying to patent something humans have been doing for most of their existence – farming!

What can you do?

1.  Contact your Senator today!  You can find your Senator via this link by your zip code.  Food Democracy Now has a form letter you can use or adapt for your needs.

2.  I looked up my Congressman to see if he voted Aye or Nay and then wrote him about my disappointment in his choice.

3.  Get informed!  Read more!  This isn’t the only attack on our food.  The government is hurting for money and businesses like Monsanto are right there ready with handouts to get their way.  Some of our representatives are power and money hunger willing to be bought.  Question everything!!

I don’t believe in one party or the other.  I believe in my country.  Our country.  I don’t want my child’s food to be an experiment for biotech companies unwilling to put in their due diligence or even to follow the simplest part of our government, checks and balances.

Thank you for considering making a difference today.

8 thoughts on “Where is the Outrage Against Monsanto?”

    1. True but if I resell it on Amazon or at a garage sale than it is perfectly legal. Interesting distinction. I’ll have to think on it.

  1. WOW. I have heard of instances where Monsanto sues a farmer for the above reason, but I had no idea they were playing dirty politics. Monsanto has so much potential to do good, but instead, they have grown into a greedy corporate giant…just like everyone else, but maybe worse.

    I was also wondering, how did Monsanto know that farmer had purchased THEIR seed from that grain elevator? What proof did they have?

    How do I found out who voted yay or nay on that bill? Is there a particular website?

    There is so much corruption in our judicial and political system. I want to believe that bill won’t pass, but I know better.
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    1. Yes, lots of potential to help people and swallowed up in greed. Very sad.

      It is a pretty simple process (I believe) to tell a GMO seed from a Non-GMO seed. However, the farmer did follow his contract and not save any seeds. The thing is when you harvest your crop it is dumped into a harvest truck (think big dump truck) there is the finished product and some seeds like how a green bean has seeds in after it is grown. The harvest truck drives over to the elevator where it is weighed, dumped and then weighed again so the farmer is paid per weight. The crops are all being dumped together unless there is a process for a specific Organic Farmer (wasn’t around when I was living on the farm). So GMO and Non-GMO crops are all placed together as the crops are moved for transport, either via train or semi, all along the way seeds are falling to the bottom and being swept to the side. All these leftover seeds are then resold by the elevator to local farmers usually for feeding animals. If it looks like the weather might hold out some farmers will plant a second crop but you don’t want to spend good money on seeds since the likelihood of getting a crop is low. Some farmers will use this seed which is very cheap and try. If Monsanto got their way, no farmers could use this cheap leftover seed because their seeds are getting mixed up with all the rest. For me, the mingling is a problem because now people are getting GMO seeds they might not want since it hasn’t been properly tested on humans. For the farmers, they can now get sued. The Supreme Court backed the farmers to protect them and the Legislative branch is ignoring the Supreme Court.

      You can go to http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/113/hr933 It shows the bill. If you click under votes it will show who voted and which direction.

      The only person who can stop it now is Obama with a veto. I find it unlikely since he is the one appointing many former Monsanto employees to key positions. The positive is if signed into effect it is only good for 6 months which is the length of extending the money to the government. If we can raise enough in the six months, we might get it taken back off.

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