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I am throwing my hat into the ring to be considered for the next Mamavation Mom Campaign.  I had to do a ton of soul searching before I did this because it meant creating a video plea which I have to post online for the world to see.  I know.  I’m a blogger.  Aren’t I used to sharing with the world?  Yes, I am but not my face or messy office.  I hide behind my words.  Now, I’ve had to put them out there for everyone to see.  Someone can watch my video and recognize me in Wal-Mart.  Talk about scary!  However, the campaign is just too good of an opportunity to pass up without at least trying.  This campaign is not only focused on weight loss but includes how to de-toxify our homes.  I love this!!!  I want to do so much to make my home safer but with all the products and options out there it can be overwhelming.  What I love about Leah, the guru behind Mamavation, is she researches and fully examines all companies and products before she endorses them.  I know when she endorses something it is genuine.  This is such an important trait for a blogger community to have as a foundation.  My long time readers know I workout and do races (5 5Ks this year) but I still struggle with weight.  I am anxious for the nutritional information Mamavation shares with the Mamavation moms.  I want to soak in their knowledge!

Here is my video plea.  Please, watch it with a grain of salt.  It was my first video ever and I did one take so excuse the rambling and lack of editing.

There you have it. My debut video.  I will quickly highlight my reasons expressed on the video as to why I want to be a Mamavation Mom.

1.  I don’t want to die.  My parents both died young leaving me an orphan by 13.  I do not want to do that to my daughter.

2.  The length of time between now and when someone else has to wipe my butt for me needs to be as long as possible.

3.  My daughter deserves a healthy mother.  10 years of infertility broke something deep inside of me.  I lost confidence and grew fearful.  I’m no longer afraid of failing because I failed a test every single month for 10 years.  It became who I was.  I’m more afraid of succeeding.   I need to show (not tell) my daughter a woman is more than what society or her own mind can imagine.  No matter our age or trials, we can continue to learn, strive for goals, reach our dreams and be happy.

4.  All the cool kids are doing it.  The Mamavation community is full of so many awesome, informed, supportive, loving women.  I want to be a part of a group so transforming.

How can you help me?  Show your support for my application by tweeting something like this:

#Mamavation & @Healthy_child are teaching moms to detoxify their home & I’m in support of @simplyjunebug,

Thank you for being here for me.  I’ve had a rough time the past two years as I became a mom and tried to figure out how it changed me.  I’m starting to come out of the baby fog and get organized.  I love all of you who have hung with me all these years as we have only known each other via our blogs.   Your support and encouragement helped me in ways you can’t imagine.

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  1. First of all – that video of you is super adorable – I don’t think I’ve ever heard your voice before!! And of course I tweeted for you.

    Also , I love your reasons for being a Mamavation Mom. You’ve over come so much, June. But I’m very sorry you lost both of your parents so young. I am THRILLED you lived PAST the age of 30. And I have no doubt you’ll keep on living for a very long time.
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