Planning for Success

May was a rough and tumble kind of month.  June is a whole new animal and I have planned to tackle her and make her a house kitten.  How you ask?  Planning.

My daughter is starting pre-school today.  Sob.  She loved going to MOPS twice a month.  She was ready.  I’m not ready but she is so who am I to stand in her way.  She will be going twice a week and today is in the same class as two of her best friends.  This leaves me two days a week to finally get around to tasks I’ve been avoiding for two years because they are just too darn hard with a toddler.  Dr. appointments.  Hair appointments.  Sewing.  Cleaning. Going the bathroom in peace.  Suddenly the weight of all these growing to do lists can be lifted off my shoulders!  I decided to make a plan to make this summer as productive and fun as possible.

First, I listed all my workout possibilities.  

Picked one activity a day.

Monday – Zumba

Tuesday – AM – Stroller Strides followed by Toddler and Mommy yoga  PM – Run Club

Wednesday – Zumba or Stroller Strides

Thursday – Run

Friday – Stroller Strides

Saturday – Run

Sunday – Family Fun Day walk/hike/swim

Pounding the Pavement

Pounding the Pavement

Second, I combined all my to do lists. Items on multiple lists got pushed to the top.

Making doctor appointments for eyes, gynecologist, skin and dentist.

File the bills from the past year.

Watch Genetic Roulette and blog about it.

Third, I listed little tricks to make these workouts happen.

The night before do everything possible: set out our clothes, pack the diaper bag, load car with necessary items (stroller, zumba weights).

Go to bed at a decent time.

Make my breakfast muffins for the week so mornings can be a no brainer.

Hopefully with all my planning I can get back on track to lose weight, be productive and improve myself and my blog.  How do you plan for success?  Do you have little routines you have made up to help yourself?  One tip I got from the book, The Happiness Project, is if it takes less than a minute do it immediately.  If I’m bringing in the mail, it takes less than a minute to open it up and place in recycling/shredding or in the bill pile.  This seems so silly but once I started making myself do quick tasks I noticed it made a big impact.


The middle row had a plan and is going places just like me.

The Weekly Weigh-in:

I am up .2 pounds from the time I last weighed in a whole month ago and part of it was on vacation.  Pretty good to not be going up while I am not putting out my 100% effort.  I have a plan in place so I hope to see it going down again!

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7 thoughts on “Planning for Success”

    1. Yea for a fellow planner!! LOL My husband hates plans because it makes him feel overwhelmed but he has seen how crazy I become trying to follow his way and it does not work. :-)

    1. Comforting!! Exactly my word! My husband finds it stressful seeing all the work lined up but I feel comforted knowing all I have to do is start banging it out and then I get to draw that pretty line right through it. LOL I hope you have a great week, too!

  1. I remember from my sales training days PPPPPP which stands for Proper Planning Prevents Pxxx Poor Performance.

  2. Planning is essential for me too. Otherwise nothing gets done. I am very happy to hear you will have some free time to take care of things you need to take care of.

    And I am super excited for Phi. I saw her 1st day went really well on Facebook! YAY!
    meleah rebeccah recently posted..Dear Candy Crush,My Profile

  3. I remember the days when plans actually worked for me, lol! Going from no kids to 3 kids in 7 1/2 months sort of took the ability to plan and have it work right away from me. Glad things seem to be getting closer to what you need them to be! I know it must have been very hard letting little bit go to pre-school, but it’ll all work out in the end! They just grow up too fast!
    Lynn recently posted..2012 Parting Thoughts – What I’ve Learned……My Profile

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