Eavesdropping on Myself

I’m slightly obsessed with watching all things Olympics.  This is cutting into my toddler’s TV time.

Baby Bug: “Mermaids?”

Me: “No, honey, we are watching skiing.”

Baby Bug: “Bubble Guppies?”

Me: “Pumpkin!  This is the biathlon!  We are cheering for Bjoerndalen.  He is trying to win his 13th medal making him the most decorated winter medal holder.  We are cheering for him because he is 40 and most people act like 40 years is practically one foot in the grave. Oh, and Burke is the American.  We are cheering for him, too.”

Baby Bug: “Blue?”

For the record, Bjoerndalen didn’t medal in the race but he still has several more events so it is possible he can do even better than 13.  Why are Americans not great in the cross country skiing and biathlon events? The few we had are talented but don’t seem to have the extra umph of the Norwegians and Germans.


Bonus conversation:

Being a parent is hearing yourself say things you never thought you would need to utter.

“Baby, you do not stick your fingers in other people’s butts. It is very rude.”
(PS I was clothed at the time of the incident and it was me not a stranger. Thank God!)

The rest of the conversation was…
Baby Bug:  “Poop?”
Me “Yes, that is where poop comes from.”

She has seriously been in a very analytical mood lately. LOL

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