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A while back I tried to go on a Mommy Day Out only to find myself with no wallet.  I was an hour from home with no money.  I scrounged up enough change to buy the Starbucks drink I had been craving and went to sit on the beach.  The blessing is I had enough gas but what if?  What if I didn’t have enough gas?  I would have had to beg strangers for cash or call a friend to make the long drive.  Neither option sounds appealing.  I decided right then I needed to put a secret stash in my car.  I needed to have an extra $20 and ideally a gas card.

Sunoco has generously provided me with a $25 gift card to give a lucky reader so you don’t end up in the same position as me!  I’ve never really thought about a gas card before but once I looked into it I was shocked I hadn’t.  Almost everyone needs gas at some point or another.  The beauty is it can also be used inside for coffee or road trip yummies.  I have heard some places do car repair and the card can be used towards repairs.  Who knew this world existed?


I have to admit Sunoco is not a gas station name I am familiar with.  So I used their Gas Station Locator page to find the nearest station to me.  There are 3 within 15 minutes of me.  I had no idea.  Yesterday I had to make a trip to a friend’s house and was passing by one and stopped for a quick visit.  Neat and clean.   I would return to this station in a heartbeat.

The gas gift cards can be purchased at the station, online or by phone at 1-866-569-2900.  Now is your chance to win your own!

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Disclaimer:  I received nothing for this post.  I was given a $25 Gas Gift Card to give away but I did not receive anything for myself.  I like every now and then to give away something most people need.  Call it karma or paying it forward or Simply Fun!



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    1. I agree! It was awful at first until I found enough change between the cushions to buy a Starbucks. Kind of embarrassing to pay in coins but worth it.

  1. There are none in my area but we are planning a road trip to Orlando so we could use the gift card at one of the 20 stations along the way

  2. there is one in Chelsea Michigan which is 15 miles from us -my husband works in Chelsea so would be perfect :) thanks for the giveaway

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