Larry David


My A to Z challenge is to explore the lives of people finding success later in their life.  L is for Larry David.

Interesting Facts:

–  David has a bachelor’s degree in History and Business Administration.

–  His daughters were Hannah Montana fans.  David and his daughter appeared on the show as themselves in one episode.  All parents have a job which gives their kids perks.  His kids got on his favorite show.  My mom worked at the post office and I got to stamp Return To Sender on my arm.

Route to Success:

–  Started out as a stand-up comedian then became a writer for Fridays and Saturday Night Live.  His year at SNL was not the best and he only got one sketch on air.

–  In 1988, David and Jerry Seinfeld created a pilot called The Seinfeld Chronicles.   He wrote 62 episodes of Seinfeld.

–  HBO aired a 1-hour special, Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm in 1999.  The following year it became the popular series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.  It is unique in it is improvised from a story outline only several pages long.

My Take Away:

If I got on SNL, I would be so excited and think “Yes! I’ve made it!”  But if my short tenure there was unsuccessful and disappointing, I would be discouraged.  David kept going and his next project became on the of the most successful shows in TV history.  I need his persistence.


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